Tyreek Jackson

Assistant Professor

Mr. Jackson comes to St. John’s University as an Instructor in the Art and Design department. He received a bachelor’s degree in professional music with concentrations in jazz composition and bass performance from the Berklee College of Music in 2011. Mr. Jackson has an M.A. in interdisciplinary studies in cognitive neuroscience (2016) and an M.A. in music and music education with concentrations in cognitive psychology and musicology (2014) from Columbia University. He is finishing his doctorate (2018) in cognitive neuroscience and music at Columbia University.

As a working musician, Mr. Jackson has performed and recorded with artists in  a number of styles, ranging from jazz-fusion, to rock, to various Latin and Afro-Beat styles. His connections to performance and composition, as well as his growing interests in the cognitive aspects of music performance, have led to his current position at Columbia University. His current research uses behavioral and electroencephalographic methods to investigate expert improvising musicians during performance and perceptual- related tasks.