Simon Geir Moller

ProvostVice President for Academic AffairsProfessor

Research Overview
Our research is divided into several areas. The main project in our laboratory focuses on Parkinson's disease where we are defining molecular and cellular mechanisms associated with disease onset and progression. Our lab uses a combination of several model systems including plants, zebrafish and mammalian cell lines.  In combination these models represent a powerful approach.  Our research on Parkinson’s disease benefits tremendously from our collaboration with Professor Jan Petter Larsen at The Norwegian Centre for Movement Disorders at Stavanger University Hospital and with the research group of Professor Mark Odell at Westminster University, UK. A second focus is targeted towards iron-sulfur biogenesis mechanisms and consequences in a cellular context within various cellular compartments. We also have an interest in understanding how plastids divide inside plant cells and how we can engineer the plastid genome for the production of valuable proteins for the industry sector.

Postdoctoral Research

  • Dr. Aisling Dunne
  • Dr. Ramavati Pal

Ph.D. Graduate Students

  • Rashed Abdullah, Ph.D. Student
  • Indranil Basak, Ph.D. Student
  • Fatima Bensabeur, Ph.D. Student
  • Jan Hempel, Ph.D. Student
  • Ketan Patil, Ph.D. Student

Undergraduate Students

  • Meiyi Shi
  • Peter Yang
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