Shahla Hussain

Associate Professor
Ph.D. History, Tufts UniversityM.A. Medieval Indian History, Jamia Millia UniversityB.A. (Honors) History, Jamia Millia University

Shahla Hussain is an Associate Professor of South Asian History at St. John’s University. Her research interests include themes of colonialism, decolonization, diaspora studies, and migrations. Her book Kashmir in the Aftermath of Partition (Cambridge University Press, 2021) has been awarded the John F. Richards Prize in South Asian History by the American Historical Association and the Berkshires Women Historians Book Prize. Kashmir in the Aftermath of Partition was also shortlisted for the Presidents Book Prize by the South Asian Studies Association of Australia (SASAA). Her new oral history project on South Asian Immigrants in New York is supported by the Russell Sage Foundation. She teaches survey-level courses on global history, and upper-level seminar and graduate courses on modern and contemporary South Asia.



Kashmir in the Aftermath of Partition, Cambridge University Press, 2021.
Shortlisted for the South Asian Studies Association of Australia’s Presidents Book Prize, 2022.

Book Chapters

"Kashmiri Imaginings of Freedom in the Global Arenas" in Ayesha Jalal & Sugata Bose (eds.), Kashmir and the Future of South Asia, Bloomsbury Publishers, 2021. pp. 116-138.

“Mapping Kashmiri Visions of Freedom: The Past and the Present” in Chitralekha Zutshi (ed.), New Perspectives on Kashmir: History, Representation, and Politics, Cambridge University Press, 2017. pp. 89-110.

“British Kashmiri Workers: Solidarity Networks and Dreams for ‘Home’ and Freedom” in Cabeiri Robinson, Mona Bhan, and Haley Duschinski (eds.), Palgrave’s New Direction in Kashmir Studies, Palgrave Publishers, 2022. (Forthcoming).

Journal Articles

“Artificial Borders: Kashmiri Belonging in the Aftermath of Partition,” Asian Affairs, Vol. 53, Issue Sup1, 2022. 

“State Subject Question in Kashmir” in Oxford Research Encyclopedia in Asian History,
May 2023 (In Preparation).

Reference Works

"Indira Gandhi" in Women Who Changed the World: Their Lives, Challenges, and Accomplishments through History, Candice Goucher (ed.), ABC-CLIO Press, 2021 pp. 387-395.  

 "Benazir Bhutto" in  Women Who Changed the World: Their Lives Challenges and Accomplishments Through History,  Candice Goucher (ed.) ABC-CLIO Press, 2021 pp. 151-160

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Book Review

Stephen M. Lyon’s “Political Kinship in Pakistan,” Contemporary South Asia Vol 29, Issue 3,

Web-Based Publication

Review of Lubna Kanwal’s, “The Role of Punjab in Pakistan’s Politics: 1947-88” in Dissertation Reviews, January 25, 2016. 



Summer Support of Research, St. John's University, 2022

CRES Community Research Partnership Grant, 2022.

Summer Support of Research, St. John’s University, 2017

Dean’s Dissertation Fellowship, Center for Humanities, Tufts University,  2012-2013

American Institute of Pakistan Studies Fellowship, 2011-2012

Tufts Global Leadership Program Research Grant, 2011-2012

Dean’s Summer Fellowship, Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, Tufts University, 2010

Tufts Research Grant, Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, Tufts University, 2010



“Transnationalism and Solidarity Networks among the British Kashmiri Diaspora” Home, Homeland, and Belonging Workshop, Netherlands Institute for Advanced Study, Amsterdam. 14 July 2022.

“New Books in South Asia Panel  Panelist at the Law Society Conference, Lisbon, July 15, 2022.

Kashmir: Home and Homeland in the Aftermath of Partition” Home, Homeland, and Belonging Project, co-sponsored by Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy, Tufts University; Queens Mary University of London; University of California, Los Angeles; Netherlands Institute for Advanced Study, Amsterdam, 26 January 2022.

“Citizenship, Belonging and Partition of India” Invited Panelist at the Symposium organized by the Institute of Humanities and Global Cultures, University of Virginia & The Royal Society of Asian Affairs,  April 9, 2021.

“Kashmiri Diaspora and Imaginings of Freedom” Association for Asian Studies, March 21-26, 2021

“Kashmir in the Aftermath of Partition” Book launch discussion at the New York Center for Global Asia, New York University, February 12, 2021.

“Dynamics of Cities in Asian Studies” Presented a Paper at the New England Association for Asian Studies Conference, October 17, 2020.

“Movement” Presented a Paper at the New York Conference for Asian Studies, SUNY, New Paltz, New York, October 4-5, 2019.

“Kashmir Beyond Annexation” Participated in a discussion at the Center of South Asian and Indian Ocean Studies at Tufts University, Medford, Massachusetts, September 24, 2019.

“Peace in Asia: Past, Present and Possible” Presented a Paper at the Mid-Atlantic Association for Asian Studies Conference, Elizabethtown College, Pennsylvania, November 3-4, 2018.

“The Hidden Narratives of Partition” Invited Panelist at the South Asian Millennials Conference, Columbia University, New York, February 2-3, 2018.

“Family, Immigration, and History: Grade 10 Citizen Archivists in the Digital Age,” Invited  Panelist at a workshop sponsored by the National Historical Publications and Records Commission, St. John’s University, July 24-28, 2018.

“Freedom’s Open Wound” Invited Panelist at an international conference organized by Tufts University, October 6-7, 2017.

“Nation Building and Conflict Resolution in Asia,” Invited Panelist at an international conference organized by College of William and Mary at Washington D.C, October 21, 2016.

“The Forgotten Conflict of Kashmir” Invited talk at Simmons College, Boston, Massachusetts, April 21, 2016.

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“The Malala Phenomenon” Invited Panelist at the New York University (NYU) Steinhardt International Education Event, September 19, 2014.

“Meanings of Freedom in Princely State of Jammu and Kashmir”  Center for Humanities, Tufts University, April 2, 2013.

Undergraduate Courses

Decolonization in the 20th Century     

Globalization in the Indian Ocean Arena

Contemporary South Asia

History of Colonial South Asia

Islam and Politics in South Asia.

The Emergence of Global Society

History of Resistance in South Asia

Graduate Courses

Colonialism in South Asia