Sabesan Yoganathan

Assistant Professor
PhD, Chemistry, University of AlbertaBS, Chemistry (Biological Specialization), McMaster University

Dr. Yoganathan joined St. John's University as an Assistant Professor in the area of medicinal chemistry in September 2014. His educational and research training is in the area of medicinal chemistry, organic chemistry, microbiology and natural products drug discovery. Dr. Yoganathan completed his postdoctoral tenure at Yale University with Professor Scott Miller, where he investigated peptide-based catalysis for site-selective modification of polyfunctional medicinal natural products, including the clinically used antibiotics daptomycin and vancomycin. Peptide-based catalysis is an emerging area of research that enables medicinal chemists to identify novel analogs of architecturally complex molecules as promising drug leads. Dr. Yoganathan grew up in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, where he attended McMaster University and graduated with a B.Sc. (Hons) degree in chemistry, specializing in biological chemistry. He was an NSERC undergraduate research fellow in the laboratory of Professor John Valliant. In 2005, he moved to Western Canada to pursue his Ph.D. degree at the University of Alberta under the supervision of Professor John Vederas. His doctoral research focused on the development of chemical approaches to generate bioactive analogs of ‘lantibiotics’, which are a class of structurally unique peptide antibiotics. The Yoganathan lab in the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences at St. John's University provides an interdisciplinary teaching and research environment for both graduate and undergraduate students at the interface of chemistry and biology.

Teaching Interests

Dr. Yoganathan teaches introductory and advanced courses (PHS 3508, PHR 5106) to the Pharm.D. students, and advanced graduate courses in the medicinal chemistry division. He also mentors both graduate and undergraduate students in his laboratory.

Research Interests

The research in the Yoganathan lab focuses on developing chemical and biological approaches to discover novel medicinal natural products and their analogs as potential drug leads to target infectious diseases and cancer.

Courses Taught


Journal Articles

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