Pharmaceutical Sciences

For undergraduate education, the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences provides students with a solid background in pharmaceutics, biomedical sciences and toxicology, with additional focus on the chemical and biological components of pharmacy education.  The Department also provides education in a number of degree programs associated with the biomedical sciences, and allied health professions. The department imparts basic scientific knowledge of the cause and prevention of diseases, and prepares individuals for rendering health services to the public.  At the advanced undergraduate level, the Department strives to acquaint the student with the nature, composition, standardization and evaluation of natural and synthetic substances used in the treatment of disease, and teaches the action of drugs in current use on the living body (especially human) and the manner in which these are employed in medical practice. As part of its goals, the Department provides opportunities for undergraduate students to participate in original scientific research under the expert guidance of a faculty member.

On the graduate level, the objectives of the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences are to provide students interested in the pharmaceutical sciences (industrial pharmacy, medicinal chemistry, pharmacology, pharmacotherapeutics and toxicology) and medical technology with advanced knowledge of the fundamental branches of the pharmaceutical sciences and allied health professions, while also offering opportunities for original investigation. Both Master of Science and Doctor of Philosophy degree programs are offered, with the Master of Science available as coursework degrees (non-thesis) or with the production of original scientific research with an accompanying thesis.  Master of Science degree programs prepare students to continue academically at the Doctoral level, or to enter the work force with competitive skills and expertise in their area of specialization.  Graduates with Doctoral degrees are fully prepared to continue to pursue leadership positions in academic institutions, industry, or government agencies.

Department Contacts

Vijaya L. Korlipara, Ph.D.
Professor and Chair
Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences
St. Albert Hall Rm 301
(718) 990-5369
[email protected]

Woon-Kai Low, Ph.D
Graduate Program Director
Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences
St. Albert Hall 104C
(718) 990-8288
[email protected]

Sue Ford, Ph.D, DABT
Director, Toxicology Program
Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences
St. Albert Hall Rm 305 
(718) 990-6220
[email protected]