Rachel Hollander

Associate Professor

Rachel Hollander joined the faculty in 2006.  Prior to coming to St. Johns, she spent two years teaching English at the University of Texas at El Paso.  Professor Hollander received her B.A. in English with High Honors from Swarthmore College in 1991, and her M.A. (1999) and Ph.D. (2004) from Rutgers University.  She specializes in nineteenth- and early twentieth-century British literature, especially the novel, and literary theory.

Dr. Hollander is currently completing a manuscript on ethics and representation in novels by George Eliot, Olive Schreiner, Thomas Hardy, Joseph Conrad, and Virginia Woolf.  She has published articles on Eliot’s Daniel Deronda and Woolf’s Jacob’s Room, and presented numerous papers on ethics and literature.  She has also organized panels for the Modernist Studies Association annual meeting and the Modern Language Association convention.  Professor Hollander’s teaching interests include the Victorian novel, late Victorian/Edwardian literature, Modernism, women’s literature, ethics of fiction, and literary theory.

  • Nineteenth-Century Woman Writers
  • Blast -- Modernist Literature and Modernity
  • Modern Fiction
  • Senior Seminar in British Literature: Ethics and Politics in the Novel
  • Topics in 19th-Century British Literature and Culture: Late Victorian and Edwardian Fiction—Aesthetics and Politics
  • Topics in 20th-Century British Literature and Culture: Virginia Woolf and the Gender of Modernism

“Ethics of Indifference: Woolf, War, and Feminism,” MLA Annual Convention, Philadelphia, PA December 2006.

Co-Organizer: “Politics of Engagement: Reconsidering Women Writers in Times of War” panel, MLA Annual Convention, Philadelphia, PA December 2006

Co-Organizer: "From the Female Petitioners to Three Guineas: Women, War and Writing in England" workshop, Attending to Early Modern Women VI Conference, University of Maryland, November 2006.

Participant, “Hysteria, Trauma, and the Role of the Double in Modernism” seminar, Modernist Studies Association, Tulsa, OK October 2006.

"Novel Ethics: Alterity and Form in Woolf," MLA Annual Convention, Washington, D.C., December 2005.

"Teaching Ethics in Woolf," Modernist Studies Association, Chicago, IL November 2005.

Co-Organizer: "Modernist Teaching Moments: Ethics and Erotics" panel, Modernist Studies Association, Chicago, IL November 2005.

Participant: "Modernist Pedagogies" seminar, Modernist Studies Association, Chicago, IL, November 2005.

"Beyond Empathy: Ethics of Alterity in Daniel Deronda," NEMLA, Boston, MA March 2005.

"Modernist Ethics of Form and Knowledge in Jacob's Room," Modernist Studies Association, Vancouver, B.C. October 2004.

Organizer: "Engaging the Other: Ethics and Politics of Modernist Form" panel, Modernist Studies Association, Vancouver, B.C. October 2004.

"Ethics of Silence in Thomas Hardy's The Woodlanders," SCMLA, New Orleans, LA October 2004.

"'A cry from the depths of another soul:' Daniel Deronda and the Ethics of Alterity,"
Congress CATH 2002: "Translating Class, Altering Hospitality," Leeds, UK, June 2002.

Chair: "Spectacles of History" panel, Rutgers University Graduate English Symposium, April 2001.

"'… Ravaged by a soundless thunderstorm:' Deafness as Justice in Joseph Conrad's Under Western Eyes," SUNY Interdisciplinary graduate conference, Stony Brook, NY, February 2001. CNYCLL, Cortland, NY, October 2000.

"The Politics of 101: Teaching Women of Color to Angry White Men"
Rutgers University Teaching Writing Symposium, October 1997.

Work-in-Progress: Ethics of Representation in Novels by George Eliot, Thomas Hardy, Joseph Conrad and Virginia Woolf.

“Novel Ethics: Alterity and Form in Jacob’s Room.” Under consideration at Twentieth-Century Literature.

"Daniel Deronda and the Ethics of Alterity." Literature, Interpretation, Theory 16 (2005), 75-99.