Rachel Hollander

Associate Professor

Rachel Hollander is an Associate Professor of English and director of the Honors Program on the Staten Island campus. Research and teaching interests include Victorian and Modernist literature, the novel, postcolonialism, and theories of ethics/hospitality, gender, and sexuality. Her first book, Narrative Hospitality in Late Victorian Fiction: Novel Ethics (Routledge 2013), examined the shift from an ethics of sympathy to narrative hospitality in novels by George Eliot, Olive Schreiner, and Thomas Hardy. She has recently published articles on Virginia Woolf, Joseph Conrad, and Olive Schreiner and is currently working on late Victorian Jewish author Amy Levy.

Undergraduate: Global literature, Topics in Theory, Reading and Writing for the English Major, 19th Century Women’s Literature, Victorian Novel, Modern Novel, Modernism, Gothic Literature, Women’s Literature, Hospitality in Literature, Representations of War and Violence.

Graduate: Late Victorian and Edwardian Literature, 19th Century Literature and Imperialism, Emergence of Modernism, Ethics of the 19th Century Novel, Virginia Woolf, Teaching Literature

“Not Just Feminists: Queer Hospitality in Olive Schreiner and Amy Levy” NAVSA Conference, Bethlehem, PA September 2022.

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Co-Organizer: "From the Female Petitioners to Three Guineas: Women, War and Writing in England" workshop, Attending to Early Modern Women VI Conference, University of Maryland, November 2006.

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