Philip S. Lukeman

Associate Professor

Courses Taught

CHE 2230 (Organic Chemistry)

We have two main thrusts in our lab:

i) Covalent Chemistry Control of Nucleic Acid Nanotechnology.
ii) Mesoscale Molecular Engineering.

The LukemanLab is open to applications from eager St. John's undergraduate and masters students. We also accept dedicated high school students from the local area.

For more information, see my website:

*= Undergraduate Co-authors.

Zhang D, Huang T*, Lukeman PS, Paukstelis P, ‘Crystal structure of a DNA/Ba2+ G-quadruplex containing a water-mediated C-tetrad’, Nucleic Acids Research, IN PRESS

Hanna M*,  Munshi M*,  Kedzierski N*, Chung PN*, Huang T*, Mok AK*,   Lukeman PS, ‘Photocleavage control of nucleated DNA nanosystems – the influence of surface strand sterics’, Nanoscale, 2014,  6, 2094-2096

Lukeman PS, ‘How to Mentor Undergraduates in the Lab’, Nature Nanotechnology, 2013, 8, 784-786

Lukeman, PS, ‘Hetero-oligonucleotide nanoscale tiles capable of two-dimensional lattice formation as testbeds for a rapid, affordable purification methodology’, Nanoscale, 2013, 5 (12), 5266 - 5268

Mok AK*, Kedzierski N*, Chung PN*, Lukeman PS, ‘Positional photocleavage control of DNA-based nanoswitches’, Chemical Communications, 2011, 47 (17), 4905 - 4907

CHE 1120, 1130 Introduction the General and Organic Chemistry II and III

CHE 2230 Organic Chemistry I

CHE 2633L, 2643L Advanced Organic Chemistry Laboratory I and II

CHE 262 Supramolecular Chemistry

Army Research Office - Sole PI - Standard Research Grant: $360k ($245k direct - 2/2012-5/2015)

International Society For Nanoscale Science, Computation and Engineering (ISNSCE)
Council On Undergraduate Research (CUR)

American Chemical Society (ACS).

Proposal Peer Review Ad Hoc & Panel:
Office of Naval Research (2013-current)
Center for Functional Nanomaterials, Brookhaven National Laboratories (2009-current)
CSUPERB (2010-2011)
Volkswagen Foundation (2013-current)
Army Research Office (2012-current)
Cottrell College Science Foundation (2010-current)
ACS PRF (2011-current)

7/14 Council on Undergraduate Research. Poster.
7/14 Johns Hopkins University, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering. Invited Seminar.
3/14 Southampton University, UK. Chemistry Department. Invited Seminar.
9/13 ‘Empiricist League’, Brooklyn, NY. Public nanotech seminar at bar: ‘We Weave Wee Widgets’
5/13 Rutgers University, NJ. Biochemistry department. Invited seminar.
5/13 Gordon Conference on Supramolecular Chemistry, Les Diablerets, Switzerland. Poster: ‘Undergraduate Conducted DNA-Based Nanotechnology: Photochemical Switch Control- Virus Binding Claws - Designer Triangles’.
5/13 Cardiff University, UK. School of Chemistry. Invited seminar.
4/13 Seattle University, WA. Chemistry department. Invited seminar.
4/13 Foundations of Nanoscience Conference, Snowbird, UT. Poster: ‘Undergraduate Conducted DNA-Based Nanotechnology: Photochemical Switch Control - Virus Binding Claws - Designer Triangles’.
2/13 New York University, NY. Chemistry department, New York Nanoscience Group. Invited seminar.
1/13 City College New York, NY. BioDesign working group meeting. Invited seminar.