Kiran M. Ismail, Ph.D.

Associate ProfessorAdj Professor
PhD, International Management Studies; Major: Organizational Behavior/HR; Minor: International Management, University of Texas at DallasMS, Information Technology and Consulting, University of Texas at DallasMBA, University of Texas at Dallas
My teaching interests include organizational behavior, business ethics, and leadership. I have taught several business courses at graduate and undergraduate levels related to these, including, Administrative and Organizational Behavior,Global Organizational Behavior, Business Ethics, Managing Organizational Change, Managing Human Resources, Leading Modern Organizations, and Contemporary Issues in Management. My research interest is in the area of organization behavior and leadership issues associated with inter- and intra-organizational relationships in the institutional contexts of transitional and developed economies. This focus is motivated by my desire to explore how leaders could manage such relationships in order to create positive organizational culture and achieve enhanced productivity and performance. I am also particularly interested in understanding how leaders from transitional economies overcome challenges in the institutional environment that is characterized by institutional upheaval and uncertainty, and embrace opportunities that are brought forth by the shift to market liberalization. This interest has motivated me to explore business, leadership and management concerns in transitional economies in detail, with the goal to provide implications for managers and policymakers in the region to pay attention to encouraging institutional legitimacy via competitive and ethical means. My research has won several honors and recognition, including John Yanouzas Outstanding Paper Award at the XII Eastern Academy of Management International Conference, Best Paper Award Honorable Mention at the International Management Division of Academy of Management Annual Meetings in 2007, and Tobin College of Business’ Outstanding Discipline-Based Research Award in 2012. I have published articles in various refereed international and national journals, such as Strategic Management Journal, Organization Science, International Journal of Human Resource Management, Journal of International Management, Asia Pacific Journal of Management, International Journal of Conflict Management, International Journal of Knowledge Management, Journal of Business Research And Academy of Management Best Papers Proceedings. I have also presented several papers in various refereed national and international conferences, including the Academy of Management and Academy of International Management Conferences, and have served as a reviewer for various academic peer-reviewed journals and conferences.

Teaching Interests

Organizational Behavior; Business Ethics; Sustainability; Organization and Management Theory; Leadership

Research Interests

Organization behavior, leadership, and human resource management Issues associated with inter- and intra- organizational elationships relationships; Business, leadership and management concerns in transitional economies

Courses Taught