Kevin Kennedy

Associate ProfessorChair
Ph.D., Philosophy, The Catholic University of America, 1990M.A., Philosophy, The Catholic University of America, 1985B.A., Philosophy, LeMoyne College, 1980


  • Metaphysics
  • American philosophy
  • Pragmatism
  • Marxism

Kevin Kennedy has been a member of the Philosophy Department since 1990, serving as Assistant Chair since 2007. Dr. Kennedy has also been the Director of the Master of Arts in Liberal Studies Program at St. John’s and Councilor of the Metaphysical Society of America. He has published several anthologies on the history of metaphysics and authored articles and reviews in The Review of MetaphysicsThe Journal of Speculative Philosophy, and Reason Papers and in several books. He has also received a Faculty Recognition Award for his support of the St. John’s Stagecraft Course and Internships with the award-winning Peccadillo Theater Company, where he is the Managing Director.


The Journey of Metaphysics, 1st, 2nd, 3rd editions (Pearson Publishing, 2004, 2006, 2008).

The Metaphysical Quest, editor, Second Edition (Dubuque, IO: Kendall-Hunt Publishing Company, 1997).

The Metaphysical Quest: Historical Sources and Contemporary Challenges, edited with Arthur F. Gianelli and Paul Gaffney  (Dubuque, IO: Kendall-Hunt Publishing Company, 1995).

Articles and Reviews

“Dialectical Pluralism,” Beyond Conflict and Reduction: Between Science, Philosophy and Religion, edited by William Desmond, John Steffen, and Koen Decoster (Louvain University Press, 2001), 135–45.

"Dialectical Pluralism in the Thought of Paul Weiss,” Being and Dialectic: Metaphysics as a Cultural Presence, edited by William Desmond and Joseph R. Grange (SUNY Press 2000) 143–53.

“Pluralism about Truth: Crispin Wright’s Truth and Objectivity,” Reason Papers, Fall, 1997, No. 22, 130–39.

“Paul Weiss’s Method(s) and System(s),” Review of Metaphysics, Vol. L No. 1, September 1996, 5–33.

“Adumbration and Metaphysics After Pragmatism,” The Philosophy of Paul Weiss, Library of Living Philosophers, Vol. 23, edited by Lewis E. Hahn (Chicago, IL: Open Court Publishing Co., 1995), 253–68.

Critical Review of Robert Cummings Neville, The Highroad Around Modernism (Albany, NY: SUNY Press, 1992),The Journal of Speculative Philosophy, IX, 4, 1995, 300–04.

Review of Frederick L. Will, Beyond Deduction: Ampliative Aspects of Philosophical Reflection (New York: Routledge, 1992), Review of Metaphysics, XLV, 3, March 1992, 643–45.