Jay Nathan, Ph.D.

PhD, Business Strategy, University of CincinnatiMBA, International Business, University of CincinnatiME, Industrial Systems (Operations Management), University of Florida
Fulbright Scholar to Thailand, Poland, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, Hungary; Honorable Professor of Karaganda University of Economics, Kazakhstan PhD adviser, Eurasian National University, Kazakhstan; Honorable Professor, New Mongol Institute of Technology, Mongolia; Past-president, Global Awareness Society International; Editor, Journal of Global Awareness. Dr. Jay Nathan has earned MBA and PhD degrees from the University of Cincinnati; he has been teaching as a full time faculty at St. John’s University since 1993; previously, he was a tenured faculty at the Kania School of Management at the University of Scranton, having taught there for ten years. In addition to his full-time teaching of more than thirty-five years, Dr. Nathan has done research and worked in business for several years, before becoming a professor of management, in multinational corporations with responsibilities for corporate strategy and planning, forecasting and quality management for both United States and International markets. Author/co-author of several books and has published more than one-hundred articles in peer-reviewed journals and proceedings. His peer-reviewed articles include top-tier journals. His recent research books are on India's Development Dilemma: Management Strategy for the World's Largest Democracy, and Kazakhstan’s New Economy, Nomads and Eagle Hunters Meet Modern Management, published by the University of Scranton Press, distributed by the University of Chicago Press in December of 2012. He also has a book chapter in Doing Business with Kazakhstan, published by Kogan Page, London, in 2004. Since 2005, Dr. Nathan has been serving as PhD adviser to the Eurasian National University of the Republic of Kazakhstan; in addition, he has been appointed as an external examiner for a PhD thesis by the Hong Kong Baptist University. Dr. Nathan has lectured under various fellowships. grants and sponsorships in Japan, Brazil, New Zealand, England, France, India, Finland, Germany, Singapore, Sweden, Australia, Malaysia, Italy, Russia, Nepal, South Africa, Mongolia, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Romania, and Lithuania. Dr. Nathan has been on the editorial boards of several academic journals, practitioner boards, and continues to review manuscripts for international management, strategic and operations management divisions of the Academy of Management and supply chain management journals. In 2009, the Peter J. Tobin College of Business Alumni Association honored Dr. Nathan as one of the outstanding business professors of St. John’s University. At the University of Scranton, Dr. Nathan was honored for excellence in teaching, research, and service; there, he also received several Ben Franklin Research Grants. He was elected to Sigma Iota Epsilon, Pi Sigma Epsilon, and Beta Gamma Sigma honor societies. Dr. Nathan is passionate about business education and contextualizing his international travel experiences to teaching, service and research in various business decisions, management strategies, international business, human resource capacity and economic developments.

Teaching Interests

Business Strategy & Policy, International Business, Operations and Supply Chain Management.

Research Interests

Country Studies, Value Chains in Major Industries.

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Select Publications

Journal Articles

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Books Chapters

Nathan, J. (2004). Food and Beverages: Outlook, Issues and Trends in Kazakhstan. In: Doing Business with Kazakhstan, 3rd Edition, Kogan Page, London. London, United Kingdom: Kogan Page Ltd. pp. 116-125.

Conference Proceedings

Nathan, J. (2019). Geopolitics and Identity Impact Globalization of Nations. Bloomburg, Pennsylvania: 27th Annual International Conference of Global Awareness Society International.

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