Frank Le Veness

Ph.D., St. John's UniversityM.A., St. John’s UniversityB.S.c., St. John’s University

Frank Le Veness, PhD. is a Professor of Government and Politics at St. John’s University. He received a BS, MA and PhD from St. John’s University. His research interests include Caribbean and Latin American Politics and Integration, comparative systems; Puerto Rico; Methodology, development politics, and international political economy.  He has received numerous honors including: Pietas, Outstanding Achievement for Faculty, Outstanding Alumni Achievement, International; Eisenhower Award, ROTC; Distinguished Service Award, Caribbean Studies Assoc. (San Juan); Certificate of Merit, Governor of New York;  Global Achievement Award, Global Business and Technology Assoc. (Moscow); Andrew J. Bartilucci excellence award. He is the author of numerous presentations and publications, including, coeditor, Women Leaders in Contemporary U.S. Politics. 

Recent research has focused on two fields, that of the development of “fairness doctrines” with regard to international trade, and that concerned with ecology and sustainable development. With regard to the former, I delivered co-authored papers on the subject at the Global Business and Technology Conference in Moscow, Russia and at the Business Ethics Conference at Niagara University. With regard to the second, I delivered a paper at the Global Awareness Society International Conference in Seoul, Korea, and a second at the Global Business and Technology Conference in Taipei, Taiwan.


  • Discover New York
  • American National Government
  • Politics of War
  • Politics of Latin America
  • Politics of the Caribbean Area
  • Modern Political Research
  • Political and Administrative Problems of Developing Nations
  • Collective Bargaining and Labor Relations in Government
  • International Political Economy