Eduardo Mitre

Associate Professor of Spanish

Born in Oruro, Bolivia in 1943, Eduardo Mitre earned his Ph.D. in Latin American literature at theUniversity of Pittsburgh, with a thesis on the poetry of Vicente Huidobro. Among his works of poetry are Morada (1975), Ferviente humo (1976), Líneas de otoño (1993), Camino de cualquier parte (1998), El paraguas de Manhattan (2004), Vitrales de la memoria (2007), and Al paso del instante (2009), published by Pre-Textos of Valencia. The first volume of his collected poetry, Obra poética (1963-1998), was also published by Pre-Textos in 2012, and the publishing house Le Cormier ofBrussels has published two bilingual anthologies of his poetry, Mirabilia (1983) and Chronique d’un retour (1997). His poems have been included in many anthologies of Hispanic-American poetry, and several have been translated into German, English, Italian and Portuguese.

As a scholar, he has published Huidobro: hambre de espacio y sed de cielo (1981) and four anthologies of Bolivian poets preceded by longs essays: El árbol y la piedra (1988), De cuatro constelaciones (1994), El aliento en las hojas (1998), and Pasos y voces: 9 poéta contemporáneos de Bolivia (2010). Translating from French, he has also composed an anthology of Belgian poets, Urnas y nupcias (1998). He has been a regular contributor to the magazine Vuelta, as he is currently to Letras Libres.

He has taught at Dartmouth College, Columbia University, Universidad Católica de Cochabamba, and is currently an Associate Professor at Saint John’s University in New York. He is a full member of the Bolivian Academy of Language unto the Royal Spanish Academy.