Bella Hass Weinberg, D.L.S.

Professor Emerita

While on the full-time faculty of the Division, Dr. Weinberg primarily taught courses on the organization of information, including indexing, information architecture, and thesaurus design. Having worked in medical libraries, she also taught a course on medical librarianship. Before her final exams, she gave each student a special pen with the inscription, “I survived Dr. Weinberg’s killer exams!”

Dr. Weinberg is currently active as a researcher, editor, translator, and consultant.

In 2023, she spoke at two Zoom conferences: (1) the American Society for Indexing, of which she is a Past President, and (2) the Association of Jewish Libraries, whose journal, Judaica Librarianship, she founded. She has prepared both conference papers for publication.

Dr. Weinberg attends classes on the Hebrew Bible and the Talmud, and is often asked to prepare research reports for these classes. She also supplements the education of her three grandsons, who are all voracious readers.

Professor Weinberg works on her publications at the Manhattan Campus of St. John's University.