Barbara Koziak

Associate Professor
Ph.D. 1994, Yale University, Political ScienceM.Phil, 1988, Yale UniversityM.A., 1987, Yale UniversityB.A., 1984, University of Texas at Austin, Political Science

Barbara Koziak, Ph.D is an Associate Professor of Government and Politics at St. John’s University, and director of the Women’s and Gender Studies Minor.  She is the author of the book Retrieving Political Emotion: Aristotle, Thumos and Gender among others works.   Her expertise lies in ancient political philosophy particularly Aristotle and contemporary political theory, especially feminist political theory. Her research interests include theories of emotion and politics, democratic theory and truth commissions, politics of marriage and family benefits, and the role of film narratives in political socialization, and activism and advocacy training.  She holds a BA from the University of Texas at Austin and an MA and PhD from Yale University.

Courses Taught at St. John’s University

  • Western Political Thought I, II, III
  • Feminism and Politics
  • Political Theory: Selected Topics

Areas of Specialization

  • Political Theory
  • Emotion in Politics
  • Ancient Political Philosophy
  • Gender and Family Policy