Anna D. Martin, Ph.D.

PhD, Finance, Florida Atlantic UniversityMBA, Business Administration (International Specialization), University of MiamiBS, Industrial Management (Industrial Engineering Minor), Purdue University
Dr. Anna D. Martin is Professor, holder of the Alois J. Theis Endowed Chair in Global Finance, and Executive Director of the Applied Finance Institute. She has been recognized with teaching, research, and service awards by the Tobin College of Business, reflecting her passion for working with students and contributing to the finance profession. Prior to joining St. John’s University in 2006, Anna was a tenured faculty member and department chair at Fairfield University in Connecticut. Her research specialties include international finance, corporate hedging, and regulatory impact on corporations. She has published more than 40 articles in journals, such as Journal of International Money and Finance, Journal of Banking and Finance, Journal of Risk and Insurance, Financial Management, Financial Review, Journal of Financial Research, Financial Analysts Journal, and Review of Quantitative Finance and Accounting. Dr. Martin has held leadership positions of Chair of the Trustees, President, Program VP and Director for the Eastern Finance Association. Additionally, she co-founded and is Co-Chair of the Financial Management Association (FMA) Applied Finance conference, and has proudly hosted this annual conference on the Manhattan campus of St. John's since 2011.

Teaching Interests

International Finance, Corporate Financial Management, Applied Finance Analysis

Research Interests

International Corporate Finance, Corporate Hedging, Regulatory Impact on Corporations

Courses Taught


Select Publications

Journal Articles

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