Alla Baeva

Associate Professor

Alla Baeva is Associate Professor of Film and Television at the Division of Mass Communication, St. John’s University, as well as a filmmaker and a consultant who has worked on 12 feature film productions and a variety of short projects for more than 20 years. Prof. Baeva has several screenplays written. The recipient of international and American film festival awards, she became interested in philosophy of film, aesthetics, and philosophy of technology during her PhD studies at European Graduate School (Switzerland). She developed and conducted a number of study abroad programs in media and film in several countries in Europe and Asia. She lives in Long Island.

Teaching Interests

(TVF4601/4602) Senior Project, Narrative Production, Documentary Production, Advertising Commercial Production, Non-Linear Editing, Motion Graphics and Animation, International Cinema, Cinematic Philosophy, Visual Aesthetics

Research Interests

Film and Media production, International and Global cinema, Philosophy of Film, Philosophy of Technology

Courses Taught



TVF3207 Compositing

TVF3206 Advertising Commercial Production

TVF3205 Narrative Production

TVF3204 TV Field Production

TVF3203 Documentary Production

TVF2220 Film Production

TVF2207 Introduction to Motion Graphics and Animation

TVF2204 Editing: AVID

TVF2203 Editing: Final Cut Pro

TVF2201 Editing: Adobe Premiere

TVF1512 Special Topics: Russian Cinema

TVF1508 Contemporary Cinema

TVF1507 International Cinema

TVF1400 Motion Picture Industry Practices

ICM840 Cinematic Philosophy

ICM831 International Cinema

COM7000 Communications in NYC