Science and Technology Entry Program (STEP)

This enrichment program was established in 1987 to assist students from racial and ethnic backgrounds who have historically been underrepresented in careers in the scientific, technological, health-related and licensed professions

Science and Technology Entry Program (STEP)

St. John's University in articulation with the New York State Department of Education has made a commitment to service the youth of the community in grades 7-12. This partnership of providing quality instruction, career and academic counseling, tutoring and educational workshops is provided during the fall and spring semesters.

A pending form may be downloaded by clicking on Science and Technology Entry Program (STEP) application (PDF) and mailed to:

St. John's University
St. John Hall, Room 216
8000 Utopia Pkwy
Queens, NY 11439

Applications may also be obtained by calling 718-990-6565 or writing to:

Science and Technology Entry Program (STEP)
St. John's University
8000 Utopia Parkway
Queens, NY 11439

Contact Information

Cecelia M. Russo
Associate Director, STEP, Queens Campus
St. John's University
St. John Hall, Room 216
Tel 718-990-6565
Fax 718-990-2158
[email protected]

Additional Information

Scientific Inquiry
This course will explore scientific topics through the use of traditional classroom lectures and hands-on activities, interactive sessions in SJU science labs, internet resources, field trips, and workshop presentations from professionals and scholars in the fields of STEM-L. Students will also explore career opportunities in STEM-L fields.

Mathematical Inquiry
This course will demonstrate the practical uses of mathematics, particularly as they relate to science and technology. It will also attempt to de-mystify mathematical problems by teaching students how to read and speak the language of mathematics.  In conjunction with these aims, emphasis will be placed upon review for standardized tests, such as the PSAT and SAT examinations. Scholastic Math has been ordered for the classes. This is read in class and the students are encouraged to complete the activities at home.

Parent Advisory Board
Interested parents of students meet with administrators to plan workshops on Financial Aid and Careers.   

Athletic Training-    Registered Professional Nurses
Audiology-    Nurse Practitioners
Certified Shorthand Reporting-    Licensed Practical Nurses
ChiropracticOccupational Therapy
Clinical Laboratory Technology-    Occupational Therapists
-    Clinical Laboratory Technologists-    Occupational Therapy Assistants
-    CytotechnologistsOphthalmic Dispensing
-    Clinical Laboratory TechniciansOptometry
-    Dentists-    Pharmacists
-    Dental Anesthesia/Sedation-    Pharmacy Establishments
-    Dental HygienistsPhysical Therapy
-    Certified Dental Assistants-    Physical Therapists
Dietetics-Nutrition-    Physical Therapist Assistants
Interior DesignPsychology
Land SurveyingPublic Accountancy
Landscape Architecture-    Certified Public Accountants
Massage Therapy-    Public Accountants
Medical PhysicsRespiratory Therapy
Medicine-    Respiratory Therapists
-    Physicians-    Respiratory Therapy Technicians
-    Physicians, 3-year limited licenseSocial Work
-    Physician AssistantsSpeech-Language Pathology
-    Specialist AssistantsVeterinary Medicine
Mental Health Practitioners-    Veterinarian
-    Creative Arts Therapists-    Veterinary Technician
-    Marriage and Family Therapists 
-    Mental Health Counselors 
-    Psychoanalysts 

For more information on careers in mathematics, science, technology and the licensed professions log onto:

Pre-Collegiate and Collegiate Preparation Programs

New York State Career Zone

Explore Health Careers

January 25 Orientation/Classes
February 1 Classes 
February 8 Classes 
February 29Classes 
March 7Classes   
March 14 Classes    
March 18-WednesdaySTEM DIVERSITY CONFERENCE, Farmingdale, NY permission slip
March 28Classes 
March 27-29 NYS STUDENT STATEWIDE CONFERENCE permission slip
April 4Classes
April 25Classes
May 2Classes
May 7Closing/Graduation DAC 416 at 5:30 p.m.

All students are expected to sign in on Saturdays at 8:45 a.m. Pick up notebook/lanyard in Assembly rooms.

If a student is to be absent, a written note must be provided to the office before the absence. Excused absences are for school exams, trips, and family events. If a student is involved in an extracurricular activity for which s/he must be absent for more than three classes, the student should withdraw from the program. This of course excludes unplanned illnesses. In this instance, an email to [email protected] or call must be placed to the office no later than 10:30 a.m. on the Saturday of the absence.

Students who must leave before Noon on a Saturday, must provide documentation in writing and be signed out by parent in SJH/room 216.

Classes are held in St. John Hall, Rooms 212, 213, and 214; Assembly in 211 and 215

Workshops/Trips TBA