Human Resources Services

Human Resources Services is a "contact point" for administrators and staff of St. John's University on matters including employee relations, employment, compensation, policies, training, and benefits. In addition to answering questions on these topics, some of the services provided by the HR Services Team include coaching supervisors/managers, identifying ways to motivate and retain employees, conducting exit interviews, counseling administrators and staff on career and other matters, completing employee verifications, administering the new hire three month orientation period, developing and conducting HR informational forums, and monitoring the employee performance management system - RED.

Contact Information

Cynthia Fico Simpson
Director of Human Resources Services
[email protected]

Nancy Santos
Human Resources Generalist
[email protected]

Karen Crowley
Human Resources Generalist
[email protected]

Recognize Excellence and Development - R.E.D.

RED is the St. John’s University annual, cyclical, performance management program for staff and administrators. To help employees and supervisors get the most out of the performance management process, the following tools and instructional material are provided:

RED Form (Word)

RED Web Entry Supervisor Training (PowerPoint)

Instructions to complete the Performance Management Form (PDF)

Beginning of Performance Cycle Instructions (PDF)

During Performance Cycle (Periodic Check-In) Instructions (PDF)

End of Performance Cycle Instructions (PDF)

Final Assessment (PDF)

Rating Scale Definitions and Examples (PDF)

Employee Competencies (PDF)

Supervisor Competencies (PDF)

Professional Development Plan (PDF)