GLOBE Gazette

GLOBE Gazette December 2023 (PDF)

This semester, GLOBE turned the spotlight on Guatemala through our #REBUILDtheGLOBE initiative. Guatemala, acclaimed as "The Land of the Eternal Spring," exudes beauty in its people, nature, and culture.

GLOBE Gazette May 2023 (PDF)

Our borrowers are committed to ending the intergenerational cycle of poverty by giving their kids an education that will enable them to surpass their parents financially. GLOBE helps make their dream a reality: #EDUCATEtheGLOBE

GLOBE Gazette December 2022(PDF)

This semester, GLOBE Managers collaborated with the Daughters of Charity and International Project Services to fundraise for their clean water initiative, WASH, which stands for the three foundational elements of water, sanitation, and hygiene.Helping to secure water systems for the people of Ethiopia, to pave the way for entrepreneurial activities down the road: #WASHtheGLOBE

GLOBE Gazette May 2022(PDF)

GLOBE managers decided on the theme #WomenOfGLOBE. This topic was chosen to emphasize how the program has benefited the women who have taken part. Student managers were motivated this semester by the GLOBE mission to empower women and individuals who serve as examples of that objective's accomplishment. They aimed to engage and celebrate the female members of the GLOBE community, including the Daughters of Charity, borrowers, students, and all others.

GLOBE Gazette December 2021 (PDF)

Small Change, Big Difference! With this idea in mind, GLOBE managers developed the campaign to emphasize the enormous significance of even the smallest actions. Their goal was to inspire others to support GLOBE and entice students to participate in the program. Managers also held the first ever "Colors of the GLOBE"! Students paid to tie dye shirts on St. John's Great Lawn raising over $400 for GLOBE! 

GLOBE Gazette May 2021 (PDF)

Students hosted GLOBE's first Virtual Game Night! This initiative, organized by GLOBE managers, aimed to bring together the GLOBE community in a socially distanced format. Fun was had by all, with featured games such as GLOBE Jeopardy, Kahoot, and the crowd favorite, 34 current and former managers came together and competed for a grand prize. The event drew in former managers from as far back as 2010 and allowed them to see how much the program has grown since their time as GLOBE managers.

GLOBE Gazette December 2020 (PDF)

Students designed masks that sported GLOBE ‘s logo, and these were inserted in a thank-you note card as a token of appreciation to the donors for supporting the program’s mission and highlighting their many contributions to the program’s success. The cards and masks arrived to donors just before Thanksgiving, which was perfect timing for this expression of gratitude.

GLOBE Gazette May 2020 (PDF)

After learning that the remainder of the school year would be held online, GLOBE managers didn’t let that deter them from spreading awareness about the program. GLOBE Live, a series of live programs hosted by GLOBE managers, took place at the end of April. GLOBE managers sought to highlight the sense of community that has emerged from this pandemic, and encourage our supporters to keep our borrowers in mind during this difficult time.

GLOBE Gazette December 2019 (PDF)

GLOBE Managers organized the program’s 10th GiveCampus crowdfunding campaign and 1st QuadWrangle campaign, with the hashtag #GrowingWithGLOBE and a combined goal of raising $1,650. GLOBE Fellows traveled to Guatemala from May 22-25, 2019. The highlight of the GLOBE Fellows trip was the opportunity the Fellows and Dr. Sama had to meet prospective borrowers and talk with them about their business aspirations. By the time the trip was over, they had collected six new loan applications from women they had met during their time in Guatemala!

GLOBE Gazette May 2019 (PDF)

GLOBE Managers organized the program’s 9th GiveCampus crowdfunding campaign, with the hashtag #GLOBE4Women and the goal of raising $3,500.

GLOBE Gazette December 2018 (PDF)

GLOBE had the incredible honor of being this year’s Spirit of Service Award Recipient, demonstrating the impact that the program has had over the past 10 years of its existence. Dr. Linda M. Sama, who founded the program and launched it in Spring of 2009 accepted this award on behalf of GLOBE at this year’s Annual President’s Dinner, held on Friday, November 2, at the New York Hilton Midtown.

GLOBE Gazette May 2018 (PDF)

GLOBE organized its 7th GiveCampus crowdfunding campaign, #10moreyearsofGLOBE, with the goal of raising $1000. At the GLOBE Soirée, the Marketing and Fundraising team created a special QR code for invitees to scan and directly donate to the campaign.

GLOBE Gazette December 2017 (PDF)

Dr. Sama and the GLOBE Fellows visited the Nicaragua from May 21st to May 29th, 2017, hosted by the Daughters of Charity. The Fellows visited the cities of Managua, Matagalpa, Granada, and San Juan del Sur and visited Lake Managua, Mirador Laguna de Apoyo, Mombacho Volcano and Rainseforest, and Masaya Volcano. Students also met with our Nicaraguan borrowers most of whom have applied for second and third-time loans and have been approved!

GLOBE Gazette May 2017 (PDF)

This past semester, GLOBE managers held the annual gathering called the GLOBE Mixer. They launched GLOBE's 5th GiveCampus campaign #GLOBEendspoverty. The campaign raised over over $3200, well over the $2000 goal!

GLOBE Gazette December 2016 (PDF)

Dr. Sama and the GLOBE Fellows visited the Philippines from May 23rd to June 1st, 2016, hosted by the Daughters of Charity. The Philippines is the 6th country in which GLOBE has expanded its operations. During the visit, the Fellows met 34 of the 36 GLOBE borrowers.

GLOBE Gazette May 2016 (PDF)

This past semester, GLOBE managers held the annual gathering called the GLOBE Mixer. Students from the Spring 2016 class were reunited and introduced to former GLOBE managers, alumni and donors to update them on the current happenings of the program. 

GLOBE Gazette December 2015 (PDF)

This semester GLOBE is expanding its operations to a 6th country, the Philippines. In February, GLOBE Program Director, Dr. Linda Sama travelled to the Philippines and met with the Daughters of Charity, introducing them to the microloan program. As a result, GLOBE received 36 loan applications from three different regions of the Philippines.

GLOBE Gazette May 2015 (PDF)

GLOBE Managers Don’t Just Set Goals… They DOUBLE Them!
GLOBE’s first ever Crowdfunding campaign, #94globeborrowers, was a huge success! Spring 2015 GLOBE Managers worked with St. John’s Office of Institutional Advancement and GiveCampus to launch this exciting fundraising campaign. The goal of the campaign was to get 94 unique donors within 30 days.

GLOBE Gazette December 2014  (PDF)

Fall 2014 Managers Give "Thanks" to GLOBE's Supporters
Building upon the momentum of GLOBE’s 5th Year Anniversary, the GLOBE Fall 2014 Managers hosted the annual GLOBE Appreciation Luncheon in honor of the program’s donors and supporters. The presentation featured an introduction by Dean Shoaf   and   a   moving    role-play where the managers embodied two of GLOBE’s borrowers and told their stories. The event was once again a huge success and this semester’s GLOBE Managers effectively demonstrated the value of the GLOBE program within the St. John’s community.

GLOBE Gazette May 2014  (PDF) 

3rd Annual Mixer Celebrates GLOBE's 5th Year Anniversary
The annually held "Friends of GLOBE" Mixer was once again a huge success and effectively commemorated the 5th year anniversary of the student-led, microfinance program. Nine out of eleven semesters of GLOBE Managers, both former and current, were in attendance as well as numerous St. John's faculty and GLOBE supporters.

GLOBE Gazette December 2013 (PDF)

GLOBE Fellows Facilitate Program Expansion to Nicaragua
This past summer, former GLOBE Managers Felipe Juan, Megan Lane, Sally Ren, and Nurus Salam traveled to Nicaragua as GLOBE Student Fellows along with program director Dr. Linda Sama. This was a great learning opportunity for these students to immerse themselves in the culture and gain first-hand experience at fieldwork in impoverished communities, which is a vital part of GLOBE. GLOBE’s partners, The Daughters of Charity, were extremely helpful and took the Fellows to communities to meet potential borrowers. Nicaragua is a new market for GLOBE; as a direct result of the trip, three new applicants were approved. The Fellows Program has once again proved to be an essential supplementary facet to the microfinance course.  

GLOBE Gazette May 2013 (PDF) 

Asian Pacific Heritage Month- Human Trafficking Conference
The GLOBE Spring 2013 class had the opportunity to staff a GLOBE informational table at the OMA's Human Trafficking Conference held on April 6, 2013. The conference's goals included increasing awareness and activism in stopping the trafficking of humans, exploring the role of the travel industry in human trafficking, and creating an agenda for action with the participants of the conference. GLOBE managers actively networked with the conference's participants and presenters to spread the word about GLOBE, effectively tying in the role of microfinance as a possible combatant of human trafficking.  

GLOBE Gazette April - May 2012 (PDF)

TBCAA Speed Networking Event
The GLOBE spring 2012 class had the opportunity to attend the Tobin College of Business Alumni Association Speed Networking event on February 16th 2012. TCB Alumni went from table to table getting to know students and providing valuable advice regarding careers throughout the night. GLOBE managers had the pleasure of meeting some of St. John’s TCB alumni and informing them about what GLOBE is all about. 

GLOBE Gazette September - October 2011 (PDF)

Grand Opening of the Grameen America Bronx Branch Office
John Kenny
The opportunity to see Muhammad Yunus at the Bronx Museum of the Arts for the opening of the Grameen Bank’s new Bronx branch helped make the bank a more real, tangible entity in my mind. Grameen’s work intrigued me from the moment I read about it, but it also seemed like a distant, foreign idea rooted half a world away.

GLOBE Gazette April - June 2011 (PDF)

Looking Back at Spring 2011
The Globe managers worked hard to achieve their goals for the semester, and in the end, went far beyond their initial expectations. The managers worked in their respective teams, managing and implementing ideas and plans that kept the program’s progress as the main focus.  They organized events, created marketing campaigns, developed a new promotional item, gave out new loans and fundraised to add to the GLOBE Fund.

GLOBE Gazette March - April 2011 (PDF)

Globe Hosts Second Fundraiser
The GLOBE managers organized their second bake sale of the Spring semester on Monday, March 28 to raise funds and increase awareness of GLOBE among students and faculty. In addition to baked goods, GLOBE promotional items were also sold.

GLOBE Gazette February 2011 (PDF)

Valentine’s Day Bake Sale
The GLOBE managers organized their first bake sale of the spring 2011 semester on February 14; the Marketing Team organized a great event with the help of the entire class. The class baked an assortment of cookies and cupcakes to help raise money for GLOBE.

GLOBE Gazette January 2011 (PDF)

We Believe…
That micro-lending will only successfully alleviate poverty if loans are designed with the borrowers in mind, and not the other way around. Microfinance is not a field firms should enter to reap large monetary rewards or high returns on investment. When done correctly, profits for firms are minimal, but the quality of living in the communities in which micro-lending is successful increases dramatically because borrowers are empowered to help themselves and their neighbors.