Policy 1020 - Checks

Section: Operating/Administrative
Policy Number: 1020
Responsible Office: Accounts Payable
Effective Date: 4/1/01


Checks Printed: The Accounts Payable department generates checks twice a week, Tuesdays and Thursdays, provided there are no scheduled holidays.

Manual Checks: Manual checks will only be prepared under extraordinary circumstances. If you believe a rush payment is warranted, a memo should be prepared and sent to the Manager of Accounts Payable, explaining why it cannot be processed during the normal Accounts Payable check disbursement cycle.

Check Distribution: It is the policy of the Accounts Payable Department not to allow any checks to be picked up by individuals, vendors or departments, under any circumstances. Checks will be mailed with any necessary enclosures submitted to Accounts Payable with the original check requisition.


St. John's University, New York
Human Resources Policy Manual