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Faculty Publications

Faculty Research and Scholarship

In addition to their duties as educators and researchers, St. John's University faculty are exemplary scholars and award-winning authors. This page highlights book publications authored or edited by University faculty. Each book listed here links to the publisher's page for more detailed information and reviews.

Faculty who wish their books to be included on this page should fill out the faculty publication form. This page will be updated on a rolling basis.

Faculty Book Publications:



Abunaemeh, Malek. Investigation Techniques of Charged Coupled Devices (CCDs). LAP Lambert Academic Publishing, 2024.
Bernato, Richard. Co-Creating the Future: A Leadership Simulation to Catalyze School Change. Solution Tree, 2024.
Bortz, Mellissa. A Guide to Global Language Assessment: A Lifespan Approach. Routledge, 2024.
Brownstein, Gabriel. The Secret Mind of Bertha Pappenheim: The Woman Who Invented Freud's Talking Cure. PublicAffairs, 2024.
Devina, Edgar. Second Enlightenment: Bernard Lonergan and Jürgen Habermas and The New Modernism. Independently Published, 2024. 
Elmoudden, Sanae, and Jason S. Wrench, eds. The Role of Generative AI in the Communication Classroom. IGI Global, 2024.
Helms, Nicholas, and Steve Mentz eds. Water and Cognition in Early Modern English Literature. Amsterdam University Press, 2024.
Kiley, Mark C. Reading Between the Letters of the Gospels. Wipf and Stock Publishers, 2024.
Mentz, Steve. Sailing without Ahab: Ecopoetic Travels. Fordham University Press, 2024.


Abunaemeh, Malek. Mechanical and Physical Properties of Ion Irradiation Damage in GPC. LAP Lambert Academic Publishing, 2023.
Boyle-Laisure, Robin A. Teaching Contract Drafting. Edward Elgar Publishing, 2023.
Gibaldi, Carmine. Organizational Behavior: A Global View. Sentia Publishing, 2023.
Herron, William G., and Rafael Art. Javier. The Patient as the Center: Integrating Psychodynamic Approaches with Other Mental Health Treatments. Rowman & Littlefield, 2023.
Iandoli, Luca, and Carmine Gibaldi, eds. Cases on Digital Entrepreneurship: How Digital Technologies are Transforming the Entrepreneurial Process in Existing Businesses and Start-ups. Edward Elgar Publishing, 2023. Available in the STJ Libraries.
Kitts, Thomas M. Keep on Believin’ The Life and Music of Richie Furay. Penn State University Press, 2023. Available in the STJ Libraries.
Krase, Jerome, and Judith N. DeSena. COVID-19 in Brooklyn: Everyday Life During a Pandemic. Routledge, 2023.
Martin, Bill, Jr., and Michael Sampson. All Kinds of Kids. Brown Books Kids, 2023.
Martin, Bill, Jr., and Michael Sampson. Armadillo Antics. Brown Books Kids, 2023.
Martin, Bill, Jr., and Michael Sampson. Bing! Bang! Chugga! Beep!. Brown Books Kids, 2023.
Mentz, Steve. An Introduction to the Blue Humanities. Routledge, 2023.
Pope, Kenneth S., Nayeli Y. Chavez-Dueñas, Hector Y. Adames, Janet L. Sonne, and Beverly A. Greene. Speaking the Unspoken: Breaking the Silence, Myths, and Taboos That Hurt Therapists and Patients. American Psychological Association, 2023. Available in the STJ Libraries.
Ruiz, Jean-Pierre. Revelation in the Vernacular. Fordham University Press, 2023. Available in the STJ Libraries.
Sampson, Michael, and Bonnie J. Johnson. The Pig, the Elephant, and the Wise-Cracking Bird. Brown Books Kids, 2023.
Terjesen, Mark D., Kristene A. Doyle, Raymond A. DiGiuseppe, Alexandre Vaz, and Tony Rousmaniere. Deliberate Practice in Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy. American Psychological Association, 2023. Available in the STJ Libraries.
Terjesen, Mark D., and Tamara Del Vecchio, eds. Handbook of Training and Supervision in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. Springer, 2023.
Wilson, Gregory A. Renegade. Atthis Arts, 2023. 


Prior Years

Alvarez, Steven. McTlán. Flowersong Press, 2022.
Alvaro, Carlo. Deism: A Rational Journey from Disbelief to the Existence of God. Academica Press, 2022. 
Ball, Joan P. Stop, Ask, Explore: Learn to Navigate Change in Times of Uncertainty. Kogan Page Limited, 2022. Available in the STJ Libraries.
Bernato, Richard, Anthony Annunziato, and Al Pisano. The Collective Mindset: A Roadmap for Continuous Innovation and Mindful Change. Rowman & Littlefield, 2022.
Brown, Lee Ann, and Bernadette Mayer. Oh You Nameless and New-Named Ridges. 1080Press, 2022.
Delfino, Robert A., William Irwin, and Jonathan J. Sanford, eds. The Philosophical Legacy of Jorge JE Gracia. Rowman & Littlefield, 2022.
Foster, Lynn V., and Alejandro Quintana. A Brief History of Mexico. 5th ed. Facts On File, 2022.
Goodman, Daniel Ross. A Single Life: A Novel. KTAV Publishing House, 2022.
Horak, Sven, ed. Informal Networks in International Business. Emerald Publishing Limited, 2022. Available in the STJ Libraries.
Jurasaite-O’Keefe, Elena. Individual, School, and National Factors Impacting Teachers’ Workplace Learning: Discourses of Informal Learning in North America and Lithuania. Routledge, 2022. Available in the STJ Libraries.
Kharchenko, Olena, and Michael Sampson. The Story of Ukraine: An Anthem of Glory and Freedom. Brown Books Kids, 2022.
Lubey, Kathleen. What Pornography Knows: Sex and Social Protest Since the Eighteenth Century. Stanford University Press, 2022. Available in the STJ Libraries.
Martin, Bill, Jr., and Michael Sampson. Ten Little Squirrels. Brown Books Kids, 2022.
Maslak, Mary Ann. Working Adolescents: Rethinking Education For and On the Job. Springer, 2022. Available in the STJ Libraries.
Mburu, Michael Kamau. Odera Oruka and the Right to a Human Minimum: An African Philosopher's Defense of Human Dignity and Environment. Lexington Books, 2022. Available in the STJ Libraries.
Miller, Ian M., Bradley Camp Davis, Brian Lander, and John S. Lee, eds. The Cultivated Forest: People and Woodlands in Asian History. University of Washington Press, 2022. Available in the STJ Libraries.
Molnar, Paul D., and Myk Habets, eds. T&T Clark Handbook of Thomas F. Torrance. T&T Clark, 2022.
Nevid, Jeffrey S. Essentials of Psychology: Concepts and Applications. 6th ed. Cengage Learning, 2022.
Nevid, Jeffrey S., Spencer A. Rathus, and Beverly Greene. Abnormal Psychology in a Changing World. 11th ed. Pearson, 2021.
Nikolaev, Igor V. Noncommutative Geometry: A Functorial Approach. De Gruyter, 2022.
Ochs, Raymond S. Biochemistry. 2nd ed. CRC Press, 2022.
Owens, Derek, and Caroline Golden. The Villagers. Animal Heart Press, 2022.
Sicari, Stephen. Modernist Reformations: Poetry as Theology in Eliot, Stevens, and Joyce. Clemson University Press, 2022.
Sutton, Matthew Lewis. Compassionate Presence: The Trinitarian Spirituality of Adrienne von Speyr. Angelico Press, 2022. 
Terjesen, Mark D., and Kristene A. Doyle. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy in a Global Context. Springer, 2022.
Wilson, Gregory A. Grayshade. Atthis Arts, 2022.
Wolfinger, James, ed. If There is No Struggle There is No Progress: Black Politics in Twentieth-Century Philadelphia. Temple University Press, 2022.
Alvarez, Steven. Manhatitlán. Operating System, 2021.
Bernato, Richard. Planning by Futuring, Futuring as Planning: Using Your Futures Mindset to Develop Social Media Policy. Rowman & Littlefield, 2021.
Hedlund, David P., Gil Fried, and R.C. Smith III, eds. Esports Business Management. Human Kinetics, 2021.
Lutes, Jean M., and Jennifer Travis, eds. Gender in American Literature and Culture. Cambridge University Press, 2021. 
Merenda, April M. It's Your Life...Live It!. Three Tomatoes Publishing, 2021.
Ness, Daniel. Block Parties: Identifying Emergent STEAM Thinking Through Play. Routledge, 2021. Available in the STJ Libraries.
Rathus, Spencer A., and Jeffrey S. Nevid. Exploring Health Psychology. John Wiley & Sons, 2021.
Robertson, Heather C. Telemental Health and Distance Counseling: A Counselor’s Guide to Decisions, Resources, and Practice. Springer Publishing, 2021. Available in the STJ Libraries.
Rustomji, Nerina. The Beauty of the Houri: Heavenly Virgins, Feminine Ideals. Oxford University Press, 2021.
Salomone, Rosemary. The Rise of English: Global Politics and the Power of Language. Oxford University Press, 2021.

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