Records Management


Records Management for the University was implemented in 1997 as a component of an all-University archives and records program. The Records Management Office is here to provide the tools, advice and guidance to support departments and units in managing records as efficiently and effectively as possible.  It is a component of the academic structure of the University and reports to the University Librarian. 

Records Retention and Disposition Schedule

Contact Information

Dermot A. Cooper
Records Manager
Office: St. Augustine Hall, Rm 303C
Tel: 718-990-2018
Fax: 718-990-2504
E-mail: [email protected]

Our Mission 

To implement an on-going, University-wide Records Management Program in conjunction with the University Archives. The Records Management Program requires that all records be surveyed and identified regardless of media, that retention periods be established for all records, and that all records be retained until their retention periods expire, at which time they will promptly be destroyed or sent to the University Archives if considered historical.

Program Objectives

  • To promote sound record management practices;
  • To create and monitor a program of retention and disposition to assure that records are not retained longer than is necessary, but at the same time are maintained as long as needed to meet administrative, fiscal, and legal requirements;
  • To provide instruction and advice to University staff regarding records management policy and procedures;
  • To ensure the protection of those records which are considered to be vital to the University;
  • To provide for storage of inactive records in an off-site records center at low cost;
  • To ensure the efficient and timely retrieval of stored records for the office of origin;
  • To provide for the conversion of certain records to an alternate media (micrographics) in order to reduce records volume, increase retrieval, enhance file integrity, and where applicable, provide for long-term preservation;
  • To ensure the identification and transfer of archival records bearing historical or research value to the University Archives.