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Librarian Liaisons

The University Libraries Librarian Liaison Program pairs librarian faculty with specific academic departments across the University. The following list is subject to change.  

The key responsibilities of the Librarian Liaisons in their assigned areas include:    

  • Engagement and outreach to academic departments   
  • Reference and research assistance for students and faculty   
  • In-person and online instruction (including online subject-area resource guides)   
  • Oversight of library collection development and management   
  • Participation and/or professional engagement in the liaison-area field of study

Meet the University Libraries Librarian Liaisons!

Heather F. Ball

Associate Professor
Critical Pedagogy Librarian for Student Success
Liaison areas: Biology; Chemistry; Computer and Data Sciences; Information Sciences; Library and Information Studies; Mathematics
Phone: 718-990-2786
Office: Q, SAH, Room 405B

Muhammed Billah

Associate Professor
Information Management Librarian
Liaison areas: Environmental Studies; Homeland Security
Phone: 718-990-1354
Office: Q, SAH, Room B18

Cynthia Chambers

Associate Professor
Assistant University Librarian
Head of Information Management
Liaison areas: Fine Arts; Religion and Theology; Sociology and Anthropology
Phone: 718-990-1355
Office: Q, SAH, Room B18

Lois Cherepon

Associate Professor
Director, Loretto Memorial Library (SI)
Liaison areas: Education; Psychology

Anna Donnelly

Associate Professor
Reference Librarian
Liaison areas: Healthcare Management; Modern Languages
Phone: 718-990-1518
Office: Q, SAH, Room 301

Caroline Fuchs

University Librarian and Dean of Libraries
Liaison areas: English; Language and Literature
Phone: 718-990-5050
Office: Q, SAH, Room 306B

Lucy Heckman

Associate Professor
Reference Librarian
Liaison areas: Business; Economics; Hospitality Management; Sports Management
Phone: 718-990-6571
Office: Q, SAH, Room 301

Ann Jusino

Associate Professor
Library Systems Librarian
Liaison areas: Core Studies; Fashion
Phone: 718-990-2915
Office: SI, Loretto Memorial Library

Emma Quinn

Assistant Professor
Learning and Curricular Services Librarian
Liaison areas: Core Studies
Phone: 718-990-5330
Office: Q, SAH, Room 405D

Kathryn Shaughnessy

Associate Professor
Associate University Librarian
Open Educational Resources Librarian
Liaison areas: Philosophy; Social Justice; Theses & Dissertations
Phone: 718-990-1454
Office: Q, SAH, Room 306A

Victoria Tamborrino

Associate Professor
Interlibrary Loan Librarian
Liaison areas: Medicine & Health; Pharmaceutical Sciences
Phone: 718-990-6076
Office: Q, SAH, Room B18

Anthony Todman

Associate Professor
Reference Librarian
Liaison areas: Communication Arts; Journalism; Mass Communications; Criminal Justice; Multicultural Studies
Phone: 718-990-5083
Office: Q, SAH, Room 301

Benjamin Turner

Associate Professor
Academic Outreach and Engagement Librarian
Liaison areas: Government & Politics; History; Physics; Speech, Rhetoric and Public Speaking
Phone: 718-990-5562
Office: Q, SAH, Room 412A

Tian Zhang

Associate Professor
Serials Management Librarian
Liaison areas: Linguistics; Speech Pathology and Audiology
Phone: 718-990-5082
Office: Q, SAH, Room B18

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