The Department of Psychology exemplifies St. John's Universitys' Mission as described in the Mission Statement. The department is committed to academic excellence, operates in accord with accepted ethical principles and with respect for individual rights and dignity, is committed to service to the community, and demonstrates through its research, teaching, and clinical training an appreciation of the importance of cultural diversity.

We offer the following graduate programs:

The Psychology Department offers an undergraduate major and minor in Psychology. We also offer a combined B.A./M.A. in Psychology, as well as combined degrees with Criminology and Justice and Business Administration. 

Department Objectives

  • to provide students with a sound preparation in psychology, appropriate to their level (i.e., undergraduate or graduate)
  • to stress the scientific foundations of the discipline, so that students gain an understanding of the psychological, social, and biological processes underlying normal and abnormal behavior
  •  to foster students' ability to think critically and to integrate psychological theory and  research into solutions to solve social problems and to seek social justice.
  • to intensify the discovery and understanding of the interaction of human behavioral patterns. In its professional programs, the department has the added objective of fostering the highest standards of professional practice and ethical conduct

The Psychology Department faculty continually strives to contribute to the scientific and professional literature through publications in psychological journals and books and presentations to professional and scientific organizations. They strive to keep current with  psychological knowledge in areas outside of their research interests. In addition, the faculty place a  priority on seeking external funding for their research and for student training. The faculty  use their professional knowledge and skills in the service of the profession, of the university, and of the community at large. This is accomplished through such things as participating in the activities of professional societies, taking an active part in the committees of the department, college and university, and sharing their expertise with other professionals and with the public.

Courses for the graduate programs are organized into clearly defined sequences. Mastery of basic knowledge is followed by experience through its use and application in formal, practicum and laboratory settings. A consideration of the ethical dimensions of the psychologist's conduct, as well as sensitivity to issues of cultural and ethnic diversity are stressed throughout training in both clinical and research areas.

Tamara Del Vecchio, Ph.D.
Professor and Chair
Marillac Hall, Room 409
[email protected] 

Evelyn Falcone
Department Chair’s Secretary
Marillac Hall, Room 409
[email protected]

Lauren Euell
Clinical Psychology Doctoral Program
Marillac Hall, room 409
[email protected]

Additional Information

The minor in Psychology requires the successful completion of 18 credits including:

  • PSY 1000C 
  • Two of the following:
    • PSY 2030 
    • PSY 2040 
    • PSY 2150
    • PSY 2200
    • PSY 2220
    • PSY 3260
    • PSY 3270
    • PSY 3290
  • Two of the following:
    • PSY 2070
    • PSY 2080
    • PSY 2100
    • PSY 2210
    • PSY 2220
    • PSY 2230
    • PSY 2240
    • PSY 2250
    • PSY 2260
    • PSY 2270
    • PSY 3280
    • PSY 3320
  • One three-credit Psychology course chosen in consultation with a faculty advisor

Albert Einstein School of Medicine (Rose F. Kennedy Center)
Norman Brier, Ph.D.

The Albert Ellis Institute
Kristene Doyle, Ph.D.

Beatman County Hospital Center
Lisa Hirsch, Ph.D.

Bellevue Psychiatric Hospital
Yvette Caro, Ph.D.
Suzanne Colin, Ph.D.
Marilia Neves, Ph.D.
Massimo Balestri, Ph.D.

Brooklyn Children's Center
Kimmi Bhomia, Ph.D.
Orly Moshell, Ph.D.

Bronx Children's Psychiatric Center
Elizabeth Sieger, Ph.D.

Bio-Behavioral Institute
Sony Khemiani-Patel, Ph.D.
Fugen Neziroglu, Ph.D.

Center for Psychological Services
Renee Clauselle, Ph.D.

Child Mind Institute
Dominick Auciello, Psy.D.

Creedmoor Psychiatric Center
Anthony Papania, Ph.D.
Constance Freeman, Ph.D.
Eliizabeth Crum, Ph.D.

Elizabeth W. Pouch Center for Special People
Anita Solan, Ph.D.

Farmingdale State College
Office of Psychological Svces.
Andrew Berger, Ph.D.
Shane Owens, Ph.D.

The Hagedorn Little Village School
Debra Reicher, Ph.D.

Hand in Hand Development, Inc.
Peri Vella, Psy.D.

Just Kids
Jyoti Manchandani, Psy.D.

Kings County Hospital Center
Kim Kelly-Miller, Ph.D.

Leake & Watts Foster Boarding Home
Erena Toney, Ph.D.

LIJ/Hillside Medical Center
Ida Dancyger, Ph.D.
Peter D'Amico, Ph.D.
Jimmy Kim, Ph.D.
Meredith Owens, Ph.D.
Rita Ryan, Ph.D.
Jonathan Samuels, Ph.D.
Stephanie Selow, Ph.D.
Elihu Turkel, Ph.D.

LIJ Student Health Center (Franklin K. Lane H.S.)
Helena Roderick, Ph.D.

Lenox Hill Hospital
Barbara Novick, Ph.D.
Jennifer Oratio, Ph.D.

Lifeline Center for Child Development
Elene Peters, Ph.D.
Jay Gould, Ph.D.

Mt.Sinai Medical Center
Danielle Halpern, Ph.D.
Marijane Lehr, Ph.D.
Latha Soorya, Ph.D.

Mt. Sinai School of Medicine
Div. of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry
Annette Hernandez, Ph.D.

North Shore University Hospital
Jill Sonnenklar, Ph.D.

Pederson Krag Center
Kyla Blatgtberg, Ph.D.

Queen's Children's Psychiatric Center
Jennifer Tucker, Psy.D.

Queens Hospital Center
Ellen Palgi, Ph.D.
Scott Meyers, Ph.D.

Rockland Children's Psychiatric Center
Jacob Matthew, Ph.D.

White Plains Hospital Center
Betty Osman, Ph.D.
Megan Seltz, Ph.D.

Sunshine Developmental School
Virginia Farrar, Ph.D.

New York City Board of Education
Lorna Rhone, Ph.D.
Katie Devine, Ph.D.
Lily Chin

Ardsley School District
Charlene Von Ohlen, Ph.D.
Nicole Fenandes
Dawn Catucci

Baldwin School District
Donna Guarton, Ph.D.

Baltimore City School District
Sam Liebman, Ph.D.

Brentwood School District
Rosamaria Cortese
Allan Friedman

Clarkstown Central School District
George Groth, Psy.D.
Jacqueline Hill, Ph.D.

Commack School District
John Kelly, Ph.D.
Roseann Sciancalepore, Psy.D.
Randie Taylor, Psy.D.

Cornwall Central School District
Tanya Rinehart

Dix Hills School District
Danielle Reinhardt, Ph.D.
Jon Strumpf, Ph.D.
Matt Miracola, MS

East Meadow School District
Carmella Gencorelli, Psy.D.
Susan Jacobson, Ph.D.
Fotini Kyvelos, Psy.D.
Nancy Levine, Ph.D.
Joseph Pando, Ph.D.
Melissa Stanford, Psy.D.

East Rutherford School District
Jamie Lee, Ph.D.
Henry Srednicki, Ph.D.

Eastchester School District
Jeffrey Solowey, Ph.D.

Elwood School District
Anthony Pantaleno, Ph.D.

Farmingdale School District
Kavita Basavaraju, Ph.D.
Deborah Dullahan, Ph.D.
Yuvelin Gutierrez, Psy.D.
Steven Kearney, Ph.D.
Aldrena Mabry, Ph.D.
William Sperduto, Ph.D.
Helen Stevens, Ph.D

Fort Lee School District
Pamela Rothman, Psy.D.

Garden City School District
Angelo Ippolito, Ph.D.

Glen Cove School District
Penelope Patsis, Ph.D.

Great Neck School District
Sivan Erstein, Ph.D.
Genevieve Gin, Ph.D.
Amy Goldin, Ph.D.
Aanne Lassar, MS

Half Hollow Hills School District
Jacqueline Hernandez, Ph.D.
Michael Stovall, MS

Harborfields School District
Brian Harris, Psy.D.

Hicksville School District
Edward Brenner, Ph.D.

Lawrence School District
Katie Devine, Ph.D.
Elizabeth Wechsler, Ph.D.

Levittown School District
Julie Guarascio, Psy.D.

Mineola School District
Sonia Azevedo, Ph.D.
Robert Drago, Ph.D.
Vanessa Lealand

New Hyde Park School District
Robyn Kurasaki, Psy.D.
Joseph Shaffrey, Ph.D.

Newburgh Enlarged City School District
Barbara Jesrani

Newport RI Public Schools
Ann Zartler, Ph.D.
Ira Reiter, Ph.D.

North Shore School District
Michael Lindner, Ph.D.

North Merrick School District
Lynne Thies, Ph.D.

Northern Valley Regional School District
Stephen Kuwent, Ph.D.

Oceanside School District
Laura Brady
Kristen Lamparello, Ph.D.
Ann Melucci
Nina Weisenreder Ph.D.

Perth Amboy School District
Kurt Fischer

Valley Stream School District
Bill Clewell
Jay Comcowich, Ph.D.
Karen Jason, Ph.D.
Jennier Leest, Ph.D.
Jennifer Orellana
Gaston Weisz, Ph.D.
Mark Perlman, Ph.D.
Mark Peterson, Ph.D
Gary Mandell, Ph.D.

Beth Israel Medical Center
Michael Friedman, Ph.D.

Columbia Presbyterian Children's Hospital
Jason Lewis, Ph.D.

Counseling and Behavioral health Services at NYU
Michael Klein, Ph.D.

Department of Veterans Affairs
Susan Green, Ph.D.

Foster Home Services (Jewish Child Care Association
David Goldstein, Ph.D.

Henry Ittleson Center for Child Research
Elizabeth Snipes, Ph.D.

Hoboken University Medical Center
Vickey Barnett, Ph.D.

Holliswood Hospital
Mark Lazarus, Ph.D.

Jewish Board of Family and Children's Service
Gayle Herman, Ph.D.

Manhattan Psychiatric Center
Jacob Kadar, Ph.D.

Marymount Manhattan College
Deborah Giordano, Ph.D.

Mercy First
Stephen Migden, Ph.D.

Montefiore Medical Center
Joanna Ball, Ph.D.
Christine Cheng, Ph.D.

Nassau University Medical Center
Laura Lamontanaro, Ph.D.

Neurological Institute
Elise Caccappolo, Ph.D.

New York-Presbyterian Hospital
Anna Odom, Ph.D.

NYU Epilepsy Center
Chris Morrison, Ph.D.

NYU Trauma and Resilience Institute
Christine Jackson, Ph.D.

Partners Program
Elissa Brown, Ph.D.

Pilgrim Psychiatric Center
Jennifer Jablonski, Ph.D.

Rockland Children's Psychiatric Center
Matthew Jacob, Ph.D.

Sagamore Children's Psych Center
Lisa Alongi, Psy.D.
Corrina Brown, Ph.D.
Darrin Gerson, Psy.D.

Sunset Terrace Family Health Center
Carmen Rivera, Ph.D.
Glorious Dunkerly, Ph.D.