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Fraternity and Sorority Life

The Fraternity and Sorority Life community has been a part of St. Johns University for over 60 years. We have 20 active fraternal organizations, governed by 3 student-run councils. Our organizations provide students with diverse learning opportunities through leadership, service, cultural history, and friendship.

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Our Community

Our three student councils provide support and oversight to the fraternities and sororities. Please read below information regarding each council and the organizations that are categorized within that council.

FSL MGA Our Community 340x260

Multicultural Greek Alliance

MGA is comprised of fraternities and sororities that are historically Black, Latino, Asian, South Asian and many are members of NALFO and The Divine 9. Groups recognized by this council and the University are listed below:

Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority
alpha Kappa Delta Phi Sorority
Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity
Delta Sigma Theta Sorority
Iota Nu Delta Fraternity
Kappa Phi Lambda Sorority
Lambda Pi Chi Sorority
Lambda Pi Upsilon Sorority
Phi Iota Alpha Fraternity

FSL Panhel Our Community 340x260

Panhellenic Council

The Panhellenic Council aims to advance the women’s organizations of NPC (National Panhellenic Conference) through their commitment to personal growth by underwriting initiatives that launch and sustain women leaders. Groups recognized by this council and the University are listed below:

Alpha Sigma Alpha
Delta Phi Epsilon
Gamma Phi Beta
Phi Sigma Sigma
Theta Phi Alpha

FSL IFC Our Community 340x260

Inter-Fraternity Council

IFC is comprised of four social fraternities focused on promoting the values of leadership, scholarship, and brotherhood. Fraternities within this council are recognized nationally by the NIC (North American Interfraternity Conference). Groups recognized by this council and the University are listed below:

Alpha Phi Delta
Iota Alpha Sigma
Kappa Sigma
Phi Delta Chi
Phi Delta Theta
Pi Lambda Phi
Sigma Pi

Interested in joining a Panhellenic Sorority?

Registration will open on November 4, 2024. Register here for Spring Panhellenic recruitment.

You can follow the Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life on Instagram @SJU_OFSL or email [email protected] with any questions.

Why Join a Fraternity/Sorority at St. John's?

Joining a fraternity/sorority has several benefits in a college experience as well as in one’s life. Joining a fraternity/sorority teaches lessons  of responsibility, time management, leadership, teamwork, and so much more. FSL organizations are recognized for producing future student leaders of tomorrow! In addition, you are making numerous new friends and becoming actively involved on campus. Each year, members of FSL organizations are found among  the  campus  leaders and officers, including Student Government, academic honor societies, and various other organizations. The leadership knowledge and skills you gain through your experience will prove invaluable and rewarding during your college career and beyond.

The mission of the University is to provide a solid learning environment for its students, and FSL organizations provide a network of support to succeed academically. Serious scholarship and academic excellence are encouraged among all students. A variety of incentives and programs are designed to help all members reach their fullest potential. This includes study hours, tutoring, and other supplementary academic programs. In addition to this, you can access a network of fraternity/sorority members that already know how to use campus resources such as the library, computer labs, and academic advisors. St. John’s has two FSL Honor Societies: Gamma Sigma Alpha and Order of Omega. FSL organizations want their members to excel in academics.

The FSL organizations at St. John’s University pride themselves on community service participation. Philanthropy projects are events in which the FSL community as a whole or as individual chapters donates their time and efforts to raise money for a variety of worthwhile causes. Each organization participates in at least two community service projects per semester to benefit various agencies. Throughout the year, FSL organizations strive to strengthen the relationship with the community by increasing individual member involvement in local causes and events. Participation in such events provides meaningful learning experiences for all.

Brotherhood/ Sisterhood is more than wearing the same letters, attending meetings, and participating in activities. It is the joining of individuals in love and friendship, striving for similar goals that draw them together as one strong unit. It is the opportunity for you to meet new people and appreciate their individuality while sharing a common bond. You will learn many things about yourself and what it means to have shared lifetime commitments to the same values. Your brothers/sisters will be a part of your life for many years to come and will help you to create some wonderful memories throughout your college career and beyond. Each organization has something unique to offer, just as you have something unique to offer them.

Social opportunities are another way for all organizations to come together and interact with others. Some of these activities include Retreats, Greek Week, athletic competitions, alumnae gatherings, mixers with other FSL organizations, step shows, and formals. By interacting with the FSL community, members gain friendships with people from other organizations. This creates a closer bond among the community and helps the organizations support one another’s events. Through these activities, FSL organizations fulfill their goal of bringing together a group of people to build their values, while enjoying the bonds of friendship.

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Recuitment Information

Q. Why should I join a fraternity/sorority?
A. Joining a fraternity/sorority has several benefits in a college experience as well as in one’s life. FSL organizations are recognized for producing future student leaders. Going FSL teaches lessons of responsibility, time management, leadership, teamwork, and so much more, that benefit someone for the rest of their life. In addition, you are making numerous new friends and becoming actively involved on campus.

Q. How do I join a fraternity/sorority?
A. If you are interested in joining a fraternity/sorority, you should attend activity fairs, recruitment events, and/or informational to get to know the organization and its members. Once you have selected an organization, and the organization has selected you, you become a new member. At this point, you will undergo the new member education process. Upon completion of the process, you will be initiated as a member of the organization.

Q. How much money/time does joining a fraternity/sorority cost?
A. Financial requirements vary for each organization. New members sometimes have to pay a new member fee, initiation fee, and pin fee. Once initiated, dues apply, which can range depending on the organization. All chapters are willing to set up a payment plan to help members manage their financial responsibilities. Once you decide to join, the new member education process differs for each group. The maximum amount of time for new member education is six weeks if you are joining in the fall semester and eight weeks if you are joining in the spring semester.

Q. Will I be hazed?
A. St. John's University has a strict anti-hazing policy. Hazing includes any action that may produce physical or mental discomfort, embarrassment, ridicule or endangerment of a student or group of students. Hazing of any kind is not condoned nor will be tolerated at St. John's University. If at any time you feel you are being hazed, you should contact the FSL Advisor.

Q. What are the requirements I need to fulfill before joining?
A. You must be currently enrolled at St. John’s University as a full-time undergraduate student. You must have completed at least 12 credits at a college or university. You must have a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.5.

Q. What about all of the stereotypes?
A. FSL members are value-based organizations dedicated to the development of character and lifelong friendship, in addition to community involvement and educational advancement.

Q. Will my entire life be the fraternity/sorority after I join?
A. FSL members are encouraged to be involved in other areas in addition to FSL Life. This means being in other organizations, having non-FSL friends, and participating in events aside from those in FSL Life. Joining a fraternity/sorority does not mean giving up your life.

Q. What impact will the fraternity/sorority membership have on my grades?
A. FSL organizations want their members to excel in academics. This includes study hours, tutoring, and other supplementary academic programs. In addition to this, you can access a network of fraternity/sorority members that already know how to use campus resources such as the library, computer labs, and academic advisors. Although many believe joining will negatively affect their grades, it often does the contrary.

Q. Who should I contact if I have any questions/concerns?
A. You should contact the Director of Fraternity & Sorority Life, Nicole Torres, by emailing [email protected] or you can reach out to the Graduate Assistant for Fraternity & Sorority Life by emailing [email protected].

FAQ for Formal Recruitment Process for Panhellenic Council Sororities Only

Q. What is formal recruitment?
A. Formal recruitment is a process for sororities in the Panhellenic Council at St. John's University. It consists of several nights where you have the opportunity to meet members of each sorority to see which one you feel most comfortable with. At the end of formal recruitment, a bid, meaning an invitation to join, may be extended to you from a sorority you have limited it down to.

Q. If I go through the formal recruitment process, am I obligated to join?
A. Once you sign up and attend formal recruitment, you have no obligation to join any organization. If at any time you want to quit the process, you are free to do so.

Q. What if I have work or classes during one of the nights?
A. Please notify a member of the Panhellenic Council or your Recruitment Counselor ahead of time if you have schedule conflicts. We will usually be able to work with your schedule so you can still go through the Formal Recruitment Process.

Q. Do I have to visit every sorority? What if I already know who I want to join?
A. During Night #1 of Formal Recruitment, you have to visit every sorority. We mandate this because many times you may have a preconceived notion of who you want to join; however, after meeting another, you may decide you would rather join a different one. During Night # 2 & 3, you only see the sororities that have selected you and that you have selected.

One of the keys to enjoying recruitment is going through the experience with an open mind. By putting aside preconceived notions of Greek Life, or individual chapters, you will be able to find a Greek organization that best fits your personality and interests.

Follow your heart! Remember, you are making a lifetime commitment, and only you can determine which organization will make you happy.

Be yourself! Each chapter is composed of a diverse group of members. No chapter is looking for a certain “type” of person.

Ask questions! You will receive a lot of information about different chapters. Make sure that you know everything you can before making your decision.

  • Why did you join an FSL organization?
  • What are the financial obligations of new members?
  • How long is the New Member Education Program and how much time will I need to devote to it?
  • How will joining benefit me now and in the future?
  • What types of educational, academic, social, and cultural programs are planned for the FSL Community?
  • What types of philanthropic and community service projects does your organization participate in?
  • What is your favorite part about being a member of the FSL Community?

About the Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life

The Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life is here to guide you through the journey ahead. Please follow us on Instagram @SJU_OFSL and email [email protected] with any questions! If you are interested in joining, submit our interest form!

Queens CampusStaten Island Campus
Nicole Torres
Director, Fraternity and Sorority Life
D'Angelo Center, Room 130
[email protected]
David Gachigo
Interim Vice Provost and Associate Dean of Student Affairs
Campus Center
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We have collected some helpful files for our current Fraternity and Sorority Life members.

View and download the Accreditation packet, Excel sign-in sheet, and SMART goals template.

New Member Education
Access this folder to download all materials relating to New Member Education.

Download the calendar for important information regarding upcoming Fraternity and Sorority Life events.

Inter-Greek Budget Committee
The Inter-Greek Budget Committee (IGC) is a way for Fraternity and Sorority Life groups to request additional funding. Download the application and review the guidelines.

St. John’s Fraternity & Sorority Life community is not currently open for Expansion and Reactivation.