Campus Activities

We provide university-wide programs that promote school spirit and pride. Through your involvement in Campus Activities, you will not only enjoy your collegiate experience but also develop invaluable organizational, communication, and leadership skills. 

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Research says that an involved student is more likely to feel connected to the institution, continue through graduation, meet new friends, and become an effective leader who will add value to your resume.

With over 100 student organizations, major programs, and social activities that take place each semester, you will endure a vibrant campus life experience.

Traditional Events

Fall Fest is an autumn tradition offering engaging programs which intend to bring out the true St. John’s spirit.
Winter Carnival celebrates the rich holiday traditions of different cultural backgrounds, faiths, and religious beliefs. The week’s highlights include ice skating and an on-campus fireworks display
Spring Month is an end-of-the-year series of events in April that feature school pride events, student talents, and the Spring Fling carnival.

Weekly and Reoccurring Events

DAC After Dark is a chance for students to get creative and get social every Thursday at 8 p.m. in the DAC Living room.
Live Love Learn is a biweekly opportunity for students to attend scheduled trips into Manhattan or on campus activities such as painting or cooking classes.  
Experience New York is a series of Broadway Shows, Sporting Events, and other Manhattan-based activities that are available to students at a heavily discounted price.
Let's Chat is biweekly lecture series which provides the space for students to learn and develop personally and professionally.