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150 Reasons to Love St. John’s: Never a Dull Moment

There are plenty of words to describe St. John’s University students, but bored is not among them. That’s due, in part, to the more than 180 student clubs and organizations the University offers. From Greek life, to club sports, to service opportunities—there is always something to do when you’re a Johnny. Here are just a few examples:

Father and daughter

Fatherly Advice for Grads

With Commencement complete and the world slowly returning to normal, it’s time for college graduates to either continue their studies or enter the workforce. Since June is also about Father’s Day, we’ve compiled some paternal advice for recent grads as they navigate their way through the somewhat daunting task of landing a first job..

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150 Reasons to Love St. John’s: Once a Johnny, Always a Johnny.

With more than 190,000 proud members, St. John’s University’s vast alumni network spans the entire globe. While the numbers alone are extraordinary, what’s just as impressive is the way this tight-knit group sticks together and supports the entire University community. Here are just a few ways that St. John’s alumni make an impact.

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150 Reasons to Love St. John’s: Commencement Commences

Commencement marks a profound period of transition for college students around the world. After the final flakes of confetti fall to the ground and all of the mortarboards are tossed into the air, college grads begin a new journey, fortified with their freshly minted degrees.