Emergency Evacuation Instructions

If the fire alarm sounds, the occupants of the building must evacuate the residence hall immediately, unless they cannot because of hazardous surroundings.

Please note that fire drills are conducted twice a semester.

  1. If your door is hot to the touch, do not open it.Roll up a wet towel and place it at the base of the door to prevent smoke penetration.Go to the window, open it a crack and stay there until help arrives.DO NOT JUMP.
  2. If your door is cool to touch, open it slowly.If the hallway is clear, close and lock your door behind you and proceed to the nearest exit.
  3. Always use the stairs to evacuate the building.
  4. If you encounter smoke, take short breaths through your nose and stay close to the floor.

Once outside the building, proceed to a designated waiting area away from the building and wait for instructions from an authorized University official.Without risking one’s safety, try and remember to carry your ID with you as you exit the building.