Health and Safety Regulations

Inspections of rooms/suites will be conducted throughout the academic year and may occur at any time to ensure that the living space is healthy and comfortable.

  1. Any personal property stored in a student room or suite must not interfere with the health and safety of the residents and must not damage University property.
  2. Residents may not keep excessive trash in their rooms, suites, or common areas.
  3. All items drawing on electrical current must meet the federal, state, and University safety regulations.
  4. Surge protectors should be used with items that require a large amount of electricity (i.e., televisions, refrigerators, and computers, etc.).
  5. Extension cords may not be taped, tacked or stapled to any surface.
  6. The following appliances are permissible in the residence halls, with the stipulation that they have an automatic shut-off feature:
    • Coffee pots and single cup coffee systems
    • Pop Up toasters
    • Closed-element popcorn poppers
    • Hot pot and rice cookers
    • Foreman Grills and Panini Presses
    • Irons
  7. No bicycles allowed in the residence halls
  8. E-mobility devices must be parked and charged outside of all University buildings. The charging of lithium ion batteries that support e-mobility devices is strictly prohibited.
  9. Students are not permitted to bring outside furniture into their room space. Students may only use the university issued furniture. This restriction does not apply to under the bed boxes, plastic drawers, and bathroom organizers.

Residence Life staff members will look for the following during an inspection:

  • Prohibited items
  • Cleanliness/healthy living environment
  • Safety violations

If a room/suite fails a health and safety inspection and the violation does not pose an immediate threat, the room/suite will be warned and reinspected within 48 hours. Failure to pass a second inspection may result in a referral to the conduct process and/or a fine.