Consortium Agreements


The consortium agreement is a contract between two colleges/universities.  The agreement acknowledges that you are registered at both institutions for financial aid purposes. It documents which institution can administer your federal Title IV and state financial aid.

The student should first consult with his/her Academic Advisor/Dean to determine if the student is permitted to enroll in courses at another school.  The courses must be applicable for credit toward the student’s degree at St. John’s.   Once approved, the student should download the Consortium Application a from the St. John’s University website.  The student will need to complete the student section and forward the application to the academic advisor as well as the financial aid advisor at the host school to complete the host school section.  Once all steps are completed, the form should be submitted to the St. John’s Office of Financial Services together with proof of registration for the courses at the host school.

No. You are only permitted to enroll in courses that will apply to your degree as determined by your academic advisor at St. John’s University and approved on your Consortium Form.

Yes. Funds are not transferred from one school to another. If your charges at the host institution are due before you receive your aid refund from St. John’s, it is your responsibility to pay the charges by other means.

You may lose eligibility for some or possibly all of your financial aid. You should consult the St. John’s University Office of Financial Services if you are planning to drop or withdraw from classes.

We will not be able to confirm that you have completed the course(s) and will be required by law to return the funds to the federal government.

Yes. Federal regulations state that in order to obtain financial aid, a student must be seeking a degree.

Yes, eligibility to receive financial aid will be based on your combined enrollment credits at both schools.

No, any refund of financial aid will be issued directly to the student after funds are disbursed at St. John’s. The student is responsible to pay the tuition to the host school.

No, the applied and regional document must be submitted at least two weeks prior to the start of the courses at the host school.