Authorized Users

Student Financial Services provides electronic bills (ebills) and email reminders to you and your Authorized User every semester. You can invite and assign an Authorized User(s) through the Account Suite found in University Information Systems (UIS-Experience) to view online semester bills and balances, receive ebill notices, and make payments or payment plans on your behalf. 

Authorized Users receive an email to create a username and password for the payment portal directly. Please ask them to bookmark the link they receive in this invitation email for future logins. If they forget their password, make 5 attempts and fail, their Authorize User account will be locked and they must wait 20 minutes to try again. Users may also click on the Forgot Password link on the login page to reset. Student Financial Services cannot reset this for a user.

How to Add an Authorized User

  • Current STJ Students log in to
    • If you are currently a high school student taking College Advantage courses, please go to
  • Click on UIS-Experience.
  • Click on the Student Accounts tab. 
  • Click on Account Suite-eBills/Payments. 
    • The Account Suite is where you can invite someone to access and view your eBill and make payments and payment plans on your behalf. 
Screenshot of computer displaying Account Suite
  • On the right under “My Profile Setup,” click on Add Authorized User and enter the email address of the person you want to be allowed to access your eBill and payments.
  • Once they accept, the Authorized User is provided with the link as below and separate login to the Account Suite. PLEASE retain this email for future reference.
  • Every time a term eBill is uploaded, you and your authorized user receive email notifications.
  • IMPORTANT: If an Authorized User locks themself out, it is a TIMED lock out; the University cannot reset any Authorized User login. They need to wait approximately 20 minutes, and then they can click on “Forgot password” to reset.