Student Financial Responsibility Agreement

Beginning with the Fall 2022 billing cycle, all St. John’s University students who register for courses and utilize University services are required to electronically sign (e-sign) a Student Financial Responsibility Agreement (SFRA). This agreement helps make sure students understand their financial obligations to the University. This type of disclosure agreement has become standard practice at most colleges and universities. The agreement must be completed at least once every academic year the student is enrolled.

Student Financial Services—in support of our mission to help students and their families navigate the financial aid and payment process—seeks to provide information to students to help them understand the cost of their education and the policies associated with enrollment at St. John’s. The SFRA, our website content, UIS student account information, e-bill, Student Account Summary, billing invoices and statements, and other communication are all designed to explain and outline the University’s charges, billing, payment, and collection processes.

Registered students will receive an email from Student Financial Services inviting them to sign into their UIS account to read and sign the agreement. Students need to complete the agreement in a timely manner to avoid having a hold applied to their account and being dropped from their semester courses and housing assignments.

By completing the Student Financial Responsibility Agreement, students acknowledge their financial obligations and understanding of the University’s financial policies. Students who choose not to sign are not agreeing to pay charges incurred as a result of services provided by St. John’s and therefore their enrollment is subject to cancellation.

What is the SFRA and how do I complete it?

The SFRA is a mandatory agreement that outlines the financial obligations and responsibilities for attendance at St. John’s University. All registered students must complete the SFRA, even if they are registered by academic offices in a cohort.

Students can e-sign their agreement by logging into their account via to access UIS or within their Student Account Suite payment portal. 

What if I don’t sign the SFRA?

The SFRA must be signed in order to be an enrolled student at St. John’s.

How often do I sign the SFRA?

The SFRA must be completed at least once an academic year depending on your term of registration, unless law or institutional policy mandates changes to the current agreement.

Do I still need to complete an SFRA if someone else is responsible for paying my account?

Students ultimately are responsible for their account charges, including any unpaid balances resulting from cancellation or default of a third-party payment, and therefore must sign a SFRA. Students who are registered by their College offices in a cohort or group are responsible for accrued charges so they must also complete the SFRA.

Why must I sign the SFRA if my tuition and fees are covered by financial aid or third-party payment?

It is possible that fully funded students will accrue charges on their account that are not covered by financial aid or that a change may occur in enrollment and/ or aid eligibility that results in an unpaid balance. Students may also add services such as housing or meal plans, or incur additional charges like fines not covered by external sources or financial aid. 

How do I complete the agreement?

  • Go to 
  • Go to UIS
  • Click Student
  • Click Registration
  • Click View Term Bill
  • Choose the semester you are registered for from the drop down menu, and if needed, you will be shown the current Student Financial Responsibility Agreement for acceptance.


View copy of SFRA (PDF)