Direct Deposit Refund

Beginning in the Spring 2005 semester, if you are entitled to a refund from your student account, you will have the option of receiving your refund via direct deposit. You will automatically receive your payment in the bank account of your choice.

Direct Deposit Instructions

You no longer have to wait for the check to arrive in the mail and go to the bank to deposit the check. The direct deposit payment method is quicker, more secure and saves you time.

You can enroll though UIS following the steps below:
Log into UIS
Click the “Student” tab
Click “Student Accounts”
Click “Student Direct Deposit”

Once you enter the bank account information, it will take 1-2 Business Days to activate your account. If your bank rejects it as invalid, it will be deactivated and you will continue to receive paper refund checks.

If you are or have been an employee or student worker, please contact the Payroll Office for any updates to your Direct Deposit allocation.

You will receive an email message at your personal St. John's University email address when a direct deposit transaction occurs. Your refund will be deposited within 48 hours of receiving the email message.