Confirm Classes Online

Students with no balance due or who have a credit balance, can confirm their approved classes online. Follow these steps to confirm your classes:

  • Logon to the St. John's UIS
  • Enter your Student ID# and PIN
  • Go to "Student"
  • Click on "Registration" then "View Term Bill"
  • Select the term you want to confirm
  • Scroll down and click "Confirm Enrollment"

Your confirmed classes will be displayed for the current or upcoming term. You can also check your Registration Status to see if there are holds on any of your selected classes.

All fees and the entire tuition for each semester are due and payable in full by payment and/or financial aid before registration can be completed. The University reserves the right to change the schedule of tuition and fees when necessary, but every effort is made to maintain them at the lowest possible level.

Students holding full tuition scholarships are required to pay the General Fee and any other fees required for the courses they are taking.

Registration is not complete until payment is made or enrollment confirmed with a financial aid credit , and the University reserves the right to drop a student from an individual class or from his or her entire program if payment is not made by the due date or enrollment not confirmed with a financial aid credit.

With the exception of first–semester freshmen and certain students in “block” programs of study, students at St. John’s select their own classes via the St. John’s University Information System (UIS). This process of selecting classes is commonly called “registration,” but it is only part of the total registration process.

Registering for a class as approved by your Advisor does more than just reserve a seat for you in that class. It also generates a financial liability for that class and takes away a seat from another student. Because of this, St. John’s considers your registration as a clear indication of your intention to attend that class

Students by registering at the university personally guarantee and are responsible for all obligations to for tuition, fees and other charges. Students under the age of majority, under 18 in New York State, have by assumption received the personal guarantee of their parent(s) or guardian unless the student, the parent(s), or guardian notifies the University in writing of their invalidation of the personal and parental assumption of guarantee of all tuition, fees and other charges.

Students whose accounts are in arrears will not be permitted to register for a subsequent semester, issued a diploma or a transcript of record. All past due balances are charged interest at the rate of one percent per month. Delinquent accounts may be referred to a third party for collection which will result in the addition of collection costs to the account balance and possible credit bureau reporting.