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Alumni Benefits and Resources

From awesome gift ideas to car rental savings, and insurance discounts to hotel accommodations, alumni and friends can enjoy a wealth of awesome benefits courtesy of our corporate partners. Check our full list of discounts and special offers to find out how you can save big!

Exclusive Discounts & Special Offers


Want to get away? Take advantage of these great discounts and make your next vacation easier on the wallet.


Take advantage of these discounts and special offers available to alumni and friends.

Alumni Services

St John’s University provides alumni with a wide range of programs and services.

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Career Support

St John’s University provides alumni with a wide range of programs and services providing alumni with career support and resources, and connecting our alumni employers with our talented students.

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Alumni Professional Development Series

St. John’s University’s Alumni Professional Development Series provides online learning from top alumni and industry experts. The St. John's Corporate and Foundations group hand-selects individuals who will discuss topics for business professionals seeking professional growth and those interested in learning about the latest trends in their industry.

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Request a Transcript/Enrollment and Degree Verification

Need a transcript? Need an enrollment or degree verification for graduate school or a job?


Employee Verification

Need employee verification as a past student worker or graduate assistant?

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St. John's Bookstore

Pick up your St. John's fan gear at the bookstore. Shop online at our Campus Store. Enter ALUMNI (All Caps) as your promo code for your exclusive 10% discount.

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Library Visits

A new policy for Alumni visitors is being crafted. Stay tuned for more information. Access to the University Libraries are limited to current St. John’s University students, faculty, administrators, and staff who have a current St. John's email and username.


Financial Aid

Questions about handling outstanding payments or loan commitments?

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Alumni Scholarships

Through the ongoing and generous support of alumni and friends, the Office of Alumni Relations offers the following academic scholarships honoring prominent alumni and providing annual support to academically qualified and/or deserving St. John's University students.

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The Career Services Employer Relations Team embraces opportunities to collaborate with employers. Our goal is to develop creative and meaningful programs to engage our talented students.

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Update Contact Information

Please help us ensure that we keep you informed about events and alumni benefits with your updated contact information. Update your email, home or business address, or phone number so we can stay in touch.

Alumni Tips

Getting your first job after you graduate from college can be intimidating. Here are some tips from St. John’s University alumni to make it less daunting.

  • “Research well the company to which you’re applying, be well prepared for your interview, ask lots of questions, remain open to learning, and please send a thank-you note after every interview! Good luck, Class of 2023!”—Maggie Loukatos ’84SVC
  • “Stay focused on your journey, write down your goals, and PRAY!”—Kim Swingler ’06CPS
  • “Avoid social media if you can. Treat your job like it’s your baby. Never take the wisdom of your elders for granted. Learn from other people’s mistakes so you don’t make the same ones. Invest early. Save. Sleep eight-plus hours a night.”—Navindra Ramdeen ’00C
  • “Be open to many opportunities. We all need to start somewhere. Gain experience. Work hard. More importantly, love what you do.”—Cristina Kolloori, QIDP -
  • “Network, be coachable, and listen to your gut.”—Silene M. Gordon
  • “Be open to all possibilities in your field and stay positive in your search.”—Michelle E. Fiacco ’03TCB, ’10MBA

Building your network is imperative to your professional journey. Here are some suggestions to get you started.

“When you see a group (big or small) while you’re at an event and you don’t know anyone, say ‘Hello!’ loud enough for everyone to hear you, wave, and express excitement to meet people. I know that can be super hard for more introverted folks like myself, but it’s almost like ripping off a Band-Aid. Once you do it, you break up the conversations and get people to acknowledge you so that you can start to have one-on-one chats and make new connections. I’d like to think it gets easier to do over time, although it still is nerve-racking.”—John Paul Agosta ’12C

Good interviews require practice. These tips will set you apart from other candidates.

  • Be Prepared: Thoroughly review the skills needed (and wanted) for the job and be ready to demonstrate yours.
    • Check them out: Research the company, their leadership, and even their reviews. Come with questions about their corporate culture and staff longevity.
    • Know your worth: Check out salaries and benefits for that position at other companies in the same city so you know the standard.
    • Be confident: You’ve got this, Johnnie!”—Angela W.
  • “Strong handshake. Lots of eye contact. Black and white attire. Reference the interviewer’s name in your discussion. Immediately send a thank-you email and mention some of the points discussed during your interview.”— Ozana Castellano ’82MBA
  • “Come prepared with questions you would like answered about the position. It illustrates that you have prepared and are engaged in the process.”—Catherine Grasso Englert ’89SVC
  • “Tell a story through your experience and have case studies of internships/significant projects readily available to demonstrate the key skills described in the job description. I’d also highlight situations where you were a self-starter or proactive. Network, network, and network! The next person you meet might be your next boss.”—Elizabeth Perez
  • “Confidence, humility, and perseverance. Don’t give up on yourself when you leave the interview. Reflect, connect, and write an authentic thank-you letter.”—John Blicharz ’21Ph.D.
  • “Take your time interviewing and accept a position you really like. I would also say don’t compare your journey to your friends’. Sometimes things take a bit longer, but you’ll get what you want!”—Alexa Carter
  • “If you do not know the answer, be honest and say you are willing to learn. Remember, you are speaking with professionals with industry experience—they’ll know if you don’t know!”—M’Balu “Lu” Bangura ’13CPS
  • “You may not have experience, but showing your passion goes a long way! It works every time.”—Carolina Ponce ’17CBA
  • “Be unapologetically you.”—Robert Novotny

It can be hard to write a résumé if you have limited experience in your field of interest. Here are some tips:

  • “Include all volunteer experience, internships, and extracurricular activities, and then add all of your strongest skills that are relevant to the job.”—Cristina Kolloori, QIDP
  • “Leverage extracurricular and volunteer experience. Focus on soft skills that can apply to any job (e.g., communication skills, leadership, projects, etc.).”—Paige F. Band ’16CPS, ’18MS

Conversations with the Creators

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Alumni Small Business Directory

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Shop Small!

St. John's University is proud to support alumni-owned small businesses from across the world. View our directory of small businesses owned by fellow Johnnies or submit your information to be included.

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Alumni Small Business Owner Decal

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The Office of Alumni Relations is committed to the ongoing development of impactful events and programs that contribute to the betterment of the University and the alumni community. We encourage you to reach out at any time to share your insights about new program suggestions, offer feedback on events you have attended, or request help.

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