Alumni Relations Volunteer Interest Survey

Thank you for your interest in volunteering with the Office of Alumni Relations

The first step to getting involved is to fill out this Volunteer Interest Survey. This will help us find a meaningful volunteer opportunity or position for you. Following your submission, someone from the Office of Alumni Relations will reach out to you within one week to schedule an interview to discuss your goals and interests in becoming an Alumni Volunteer

As an Alumni Volunteer, you will help continue and strengthen our lifelong relationships with the St. John’s University community of students, faculty, leadership, administration, staff, alumni, and friends. Opportunities encompass the following values: education, philanthropy, relationships, community, inclusion, faith, and diversity.

As a Vincentian University, we strive to devote our intellectual and physical resources wherever possible to foster a community that embodies the spirit St. Vincent de Paul and his zeal for service. We look forward to working with you!

For questions, please contact the Office of Alumni Relations at [email protected]

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*By filling out the application, it does not guarantee a specific volunteer position. There will be an interview process with the Office of Alumni Relations staff to determine your best fit within the program.

By clicking submit, I understand that as a volunteer, I am considered an extension of St. John’s University’s Office of Alumni Relations and that I agree to the terms defined in the Alumni Volunteer Guidelines.