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Notre Dame College served the community as a premier women’s college for nearly 40 years. During the 1960s, when it became difficult for small colleges to survive, Notre Dame College became a part of St. John’s University, thus establishing the Staten Island campus in 1971. Since that time, the Notre Dame College Alumnae have kept the legacy of their beloved institution alive and well on the Staten Island campus.


Graduates of Notre Dame College are proud of their degrees and, through this Alumnae group, ensure that they keep their legacy alive at St. John’s. Through events, programs, and scholarship support, NDC graduates have a wealth of ways to stay connected. 

This fund was established to benefit close relatives of a Notre Dame alumna or an alumnus from the University’s Staten Island campus, a graduate of an undergraduate program on St. John’s SI campus, or a former scholarship recipient. After serving a life of ministry, scholarship and intellectual challenge of the highest degree, Sister Helen Flynn’s remarkable faith and devotion to God, Gospel and community influenced all who came to know her. The scholarship was established with the belief that those who choose to study at Staten Island campus would do so in an environment conducive to Sister Helen Flynn’s ideals of service, education and faith. Applicant must be an incoming freshman accepted into a three or four year undergraduate program at the Staten Island campus who is a close relative of (son, daughter, brother, sister, nephew, niece, grandson, granddaughter or first cousin) a Notre Dame alumna or alumnus of a four year undergraduate program from the University’s Staten Island campus.

More Information
Dionne Dorsey '15G
Acting Director, Office of Donor Relations
[email protected]
Tel 718-990-2128

Joan Mazza Dobis '66NDC, President
Mary T. Armstrong '63NDC, Vice President
Marianne Cummins '60NDC, Secretary and Homecoming Chairperson
Raffaela Caputo '62NDC, Sr. Helen Flynn Scholarship Chairperson
Maureen C. O'Brien '62NDC, Past President

Kristine Albano Garlisi '95NDC, '97G
Connie Bowden Lane '57NDC
Joyce Rohl '68NDC
Geraldine Gillio '61NDC
Clare Milza Fennell '80NDC
Grace M. Murphy '60NDC
Diane M. Viggiano '67NDC

New Jersey Lunch (October)
Christmas Tea (December)
Homecoming (April) 

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For more information, contact Joan Mazza Dobis '66NDC, President Notre Dame College Alumnae Association.