Volunteers & Mentors

You know what it takes to start a successful professional career, but it wasn’t long ago that you were in today’s students’ shoes – excited yet nervous about the road ahead.


Make a difference in these young men and women’s lives by providing guidance through these mentorship opportunities. Share your unique experiences and advice to help our students get the most out of their St. John’s education and hit the ground running after they graduate!

Opportunities include:

Become a Mentor

This unique initiative allows alumni to speak directly with a student, sharing career advice and experiences. It allows for one-on-one mentorship, and/or job shadowing. Alumni of any professional field are encouraged to connect.

START Program

The St. John’s Alumni Recruitment Team is a volunteer-based program in which alumni assist in recruiting prospective students in their area. 

Alumni Insider’s View… (AIV)

For current students, nothing beats hearing personal advice from alumni professionals. Through our AIV…programs, you can speak with these young men and women about how they can land a great career after college.

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