St. John's students holding Thank You signs for donors

Thank A Donor Day

Friday, April 26, 2024

We Love St. John's Donors

Hear from students who wish to express their appreciation for your gift. Your continued support helps students achieve their goals and fulfill their dreams. Thank you!

Hundreds of St. John’s University students converged on the Great Lawn of the Queens, NY, campus to show their gratitude to donors at the annual Thank-A-Donor Day celebration on April 26. They came together to give donors their messages on postcards and via video. 

Students take pride in making sure donors understand the impact of their giving. “I’m so glad there are people out there who think about others, especially in our day and age,” said Mark Holmes, a first-year student majoring in Sport Management. “Without them, St. John’s wouldn’t be the school that it is, and many students wouldn’t be able to have a great education.”

“When students realize that their education isn’t totally funded by tuition dollars, they are shocked,” said Sammantha McCalla ’99CBA, ’01MBA, ’20Ph.D., Director of Stewardship, Office of Advancement. “Learning that donors—people who don’t even know students personally—invest in their future makes students aware and grateful for our alumni and donor culture and makes them proud to be a Johnnie.” 

The video above is a compilation of students saying thank you to the donors who continue to make St. John’s a premier Catholic institution in the heart of New York. 

Five Endowed Scholarship recipients met with their scholarship donor, John “Jack” P. Clarke, Esq. ’55CBA, ’57L, Visiting Professor and Chair, Department of Law, The Peter J. Tobin College of Business, on April 8. The students, who are all in the five year graduate program,  included Madison Able-South, Carmelo Acquista, John Pederson, Mark Sclafani, and Jermy Singh.

“It is really important that students get to see their donor in person to learn about who gave them an opportunity to continue their higher education journey and become successful Vincentian citizens in our global world,” said Sammantha McCalla ’99CBA, ’01MBA, ’20Ph.D., Director of Stewardship. “Donors also get to meet their beneficiaries and see firsthand the real-world return on their investment and hear their stories. It’s not just about the money, it’s about the people. These encounters between donors and students are integral in keeping St. John’s mission alive for generations to come.”

The students discussed their current classes, internships, and goals, and Prof. Clarke shared the successes of several of his former students who are now chief executive officers, chief finance officers, and partners in law and accounting firms. Several are even current members of the Board of Governors and Board of Trustees at St. John’s University. The recipients also shared their St. John’s experiences and Prof. Clarke discussed his educational background and why he chose to become an Endowed Scholarship donor.

He impressed the students not only with is extensive knowledge of St. John’s history, but with all that he has witnessed in the world. “I can’t believe he saw Jackie Robinson break the color barrier in baseball,” said Jermy.

The meeting ended with advice, laughs, and well wishes as the students looked forward to graduation on Sunday, May 19, 2024.

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