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Advertising Communication, Bachelor of Science

Mass Communication


To be successful in the dynamic and fast-paced field of advertising takes advanced skills and expertise in the areas of copywriting, art direction and production. Advertisers are constantly creating new and innovative ways to reach the public, so the demand for skilled advertising executives is always high.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment in the advertising industry is expected to grow by 12 percent through 2018, especially for companies that specialize in digital media. In New York City, media-related fields grew by 10,500 jobs last year, a 6.6 percent boost and studies predict growth will remain strong for the next 20 years.

You can prepare for this competitive field through the Bachelor of Science degree in Advertising Communications. Offered by the Collins College of Professional Studies, this 120-credit program prepares students for career opportunities as advertising account executives, art directors, copywriters, media buyers and planners.

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    Program Tracks

    Students majoring in Advertising Communication may take concentrations in the following tracks:

    Account Management/Media Track 

    An account executive is the liaison between an advertising agency and its clients. To prepare for this challenging position, students learn to analyze competitive activities and consumer trends, develop advertising strategies and coordinate activities among the creative, media and research departments. 

    Advertisements are effective only if placed in the right medium at the right time for the product advertised. Ensuring this is the job of media planners. Students learn to evaluate media for optimum advertising efficiency and place selected media in efficient media plans. 

    Creative/Production Track

    Copywriters create the copy that will reach their audience in print, radio, and television or in digital and social media. Art directors develop the visual concepts that convey the copywriter’s words. Producers are people who take the ideas the creative teams develop and actually bring them to life as finished advertising the consumer sees in the various media they use everyday. 



    Common Core — 42 Credits

    DNY 1000CDiscover New York 3
    ENG 1000CEnglish Composition 3
    ENG 1100CLiterature in a Global Context 3
    HIS 1000CEmergence of a Global Society 3
      Modern Foreign Language Requirement 6
    PHI 1000CPhilosophy of the Human Person 3
    PHI 1024Media Ethics 3
    PHI 3000CMetaphysics 3
    SCI    1000CScientific Inquiry 3
    SPE 1000CPublic Speaking 3
    THE1000CPerspectives on Christianity 3
    THE1040 seriesChristian Responsibilities 3
    THE Choose any THE elective. 3

    Other Liberal Arts Requirements —9 Credits

    ENG1007 to 1073 (not 1040) English 3
    MTH1009Calculus 1 3
    MTH1021Introduction to Statistics3
      Choose 3 credits from the following: ANT, ECO, GOV, HIS, PSC, PSY, SOC3

    Required Coursework — 12 Credits

    COM1001Intro to Mass Communication3
    COM1002Multimedia Communication3
    COM2290Fund of Media Graphics3
    COM2500Visual Aesthetics3

    Advertising Sequence – 24 credits

    ADV2100Intro to Advertising Comm3
    ADV2301Advertising Copywriting 13
    ADV2400Creative Strategy/Consumer Res3
    ADV3200Advertising Production3
    ADV3301Advertising Copywriting 23
    ADV3400Integrated Adv Comm3
    ADV4402Modern Adv Account Mgt3
    ADV4600Advertising Portfolio3

    Major Area elective – 9 credits

    ADV2500History of Advertising Comm3
    ADV4601Seminar in Adv Comm3
    ADV5001Advertising Internship3
    ADV5002Advertising Internship3
    ADV5003Advertising Internship3
    COM2209Survey of Television Prod3
    COM2280Intro to Motion Graph & Animation3
    COM3101International Comm: Europe3
    COM3102International Comm: Asia3
    COM3292Publications Graphics3
    COM4600Ind Research3
    SPE1010Speaking for Success3

    Business Area – 6 Credits

    MGT1001Principles of Management3
    MKT1001Principles of Marketing3
      Choose 3 credits from any: ACC, BLW, Eco, MGT, MKT3

    Free Electives - 18 Credits


    Students are required to complete the same 42 credit Core Requirements.

    Other Liberal Arts Requirements —6 Credits

    MTH1009Calculus 1 3
    MTH1021Introduction to Statistics3
      Choose 3 credits from the following: ANT, ECO, GOV, HIS, PSC, PSY, SOC including 1007, 1027, 2440.3

    Required Coursework — 12 Credits

    COM1001Intro to Mass Communication3
    COM1002Multimedia Communication3
    ENG1006Effective Business Writing3
    SPE1010Speaking for Success3

    Advertising Sequence – 24 credits

    ADV2100Intro to Advertising Comm3
    ADV2301Advertising Copywriting 13
    ADV2400Creative Strategy/Consumer Res3
    ADV2500 3
    ADV3400Integrated Adv Comm3
    ADV3401 3
    ADV4402Modern Adv Account Mgt3
    PRL2100 3

    Major Area elective – 9 credits

    COM2201Intro to Broadcast and Announcing3
    COM2204Sport Broadcasting3
    COM2209Survey of Television Prod3
    COM2280Intro to Motion Graph & Animation3
    COM2290Fund of Media Graphics3
    COM2401New Media3
    COM2402The Business of Radio3
    COM2403Management in Comm3
    COM3101International Comm: Europe3
    COM3102International Communications – Asia3
    COM4600Independent Research3
    TVF2402The Business of Television3
    ADV5000sAdvertising Internship3

    Business Area – 6 Credits

    MGT1001Principles of Management3
    MKT1001Principles of Marketing3

    Free Electives - 15 Credits

    Additional Information

    Students majoring in Advertising Communications at St. John's benefit from faculty and alumni with extensive contacts in New York City's advertising industry. This network provides outstanding internship and job placement opportunities, helping to prepare students for leading positions as account executives, media planners or buyers, copywriters or art directors.

    Students also gain an academic and professional edge by joining any of St. John's more than 180 student clubs and organizations. Clubs that may be of special interest to Advertising majors include these:

    • Category 5 - St John’s Student Run Ad Agency
    • Communications Club
    • Management Club
    • Society for the Study of Modern Visual Culture
    • Communication Arts Film Society
    • St. John's University Television Club (WRED)
    •  WSJU-Radio

    Advertising majors also may apply to a variety of honor societies, including these:

    • Alpha Delta Sigma: The St. John's chapter of the national advertising honor society is an opportunity for students to network while supporting their classmates through efforts such as peer mentoring.
    • The Lesley H. and William L. Collins College of Professional Studies Honor Society: Members are recognized for academic excellence and demonstrable involvement in their churches and communities.

    Of course, students also benefit from outstanding University-wide facilities and resources for which St. John's is widely known.

    Facilities include high-tech classrooms, up-to-date computer and science laboratories and a 1.7 million-volume University Library. Our new D'Angelo Center is a five-story, 127,000-square-foot University and Student Center with classrooms, lecture halls, a Starbucks Café.

    Students take advantage of St. John’s location in dynamic New York City. Our faculty and Career Center have strong ties to employers and other professional and educational resources throughout the New York area. Students also make New York their classroom through innovative courses like Discover New York.

    **This program also has a Pathways to MS Integretated Advertising Communication. To get more information on our Pathways program, please visit our CCPS Pathways page or contact your academic advisor.

    Career Outcomes

    The B.S. in Advertising Communications prepares students to regard advertising agencies as creative businesses that work with clients to reach a specific audience.

    The program will prepare students to:

    • Identify and illustrate the principles of advertising including the development and history of the advertising field
    • Gain a thorough understanding of the role of advertising in society as well as the nuances of consumer behavior
    • Develop expertise in the areas of copywriting, media planning, research and account management
    • Become aware of the ethical obligations and social awareness that impact advertising