Policy 1036 - Mail Services

Policy Number:  1036
Responsible Office: Print & Distribution
Effective Date: 4/1/16


This policy applies to the University community, including students, faculty, staff and administrators.


Campus mail services are provided for the University community for the purpose of conducting University business. The mailroom receives, sorts and delivers incoming and outgoing mail, and facilitates interoffice mail distribution. Information regarding mail services for resident students can be found in the Residence Life Handbook available online.

The following policy guidelines exist:

  1. The SJU mailroom is prohibited from accepting packages that facilitate any type of commerce on behalf of employees or students. Items intended for personal business for profit will not be shipped or delivered by the SJU mailroom, and can be taken to the nearest USPS location or mailed using another carrier company such as UPS or FedEx.
  2. Only correspondence related to University business will be accepted without the appropriate postage. 
  3. The University has the right to refuse to accept large quantities or unusual volume of mail.
  4. The shipment to or from the mailroom of any illegal item (e.g., firearms, weapons, drugs not prescribed for the recipient, etc.) or any hazardous/dangerous item (e.g., explosives, fireworks, ammunition, etc.) is prohibited.
  5. Any package deemed to contain suspicious items or hazardous material will be turned over to Public Safety and/or the authorities for inspection and handling.
  6. Perishable items received by the mailroom for faculty, staff and administrators will be delivered on campus twice a day. For students, when a perishable item, item too large to fit in the mailbox, or any mail with tracking is received by the mailroom, the mailroom will notify the student via his/her St. John’s email account and request that the student pick up the item from the mailroom.

The mailroom on the Queens campus is located in the ROTC Building near Gate 6.