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Environmental Health & Safety

The primary responsibility of the Department of Environmental Health & Safety is to ensure a healthy and safe University environment, while assuring compliance with local, state and federal environmental and Safety regulations. In conjunction with regulatory requirements, the Department developed and implanted policies and procedures and standards for effective environmental safety and health management.

The Department promotes an awareness of these issues throughout the University and offers training to appropriate members of the University community on environmental Safety issues and policies.

ChemTracker Chemical Inventory System
ChemTracker is a web-based chemical inventory system that employed in St. Albert Hall.  All incoming chemicals are bar-coded and the inventory is assigned to a particular laboratory. ChemTracker can create several reports.  Most helpful are the hazard identification and safety reports.

Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)
Please feel free to click on any of the links below for more MSDS information:

Waste Management Plan
The Waste Management Plan provides a roadmap for the proper management of wastes generated at St. John's University. It contains both requirements of state and federal environmental law as well as University policies. The Plan applies to all of the University's campuses, although the majority of waste generation activities occur at the Queens campus.

Department Contacts

Colleen M. Greaney, Ph.D.
Director of Environmental Health and Safety
St. Albert Hall, Room G-020
[email protected]

William R. Borgeson
Assistant Director of Environmental Health and Safety
St. Albert Hall, Room G-020
[email protected]