Conversations Video Series

Conversations is a series where  Faculty meet with industry leaders (CEOs, CIOs, VPs, and other C-level professionals) one on one to discuss how students can prepare themselves for careers in technology, communications, cyber security, computer science, homeland security, criminal justice, and the many more.

During these conversations, Dean Passerini and others dive into various topics based on the industry but ultimately focus on

  • Projecting industry trends
  • Career growth for students
  • Technology and Innovation

We invite you to explore our series below.

Mauro Porcini, Senior Vice President and Chief Design Officer for PepsiCo, Inc., Presents at Design Factory Launch Party

Linda Sanford, retired Senior Vice President, IBM Corporation discusses the Importance of Technology

David Sable, Global CEO, Y&R

September 2018

Watch the full version of David Sable's interview.

Steve Farella, Chairman, MDC Media Partners, Partner, VFL Investments & Advisory

November 2018

Watch the full version of Steve Farella's interview.

Martin Cass, CEO at MDC Media Partners and Assembly

December 2018

Watch the full version of Martin Cass' interview.