President’s Society Welcomes New Members at 57th Annual Induction Ceremony

May 2, 2024

Twenty-six St. John’s University students received the institution’s highest honor for undergraduates when they were inducted into the President’s Society on April 27.

The students, recognized for their scholarship, integrity, and leadership, will serve as student ambassadors for Rev. Brian J. Shanley, O.P., President of St. John’s, at functions throughout the 2024–25 academic year.

“It is a tremendous honor,” newly inducted member Lauren Vetere said. “Being a member of the President’s Society means more than being recognized for my accomplishments. It also means taking on the responsibility of serving as an ambassador for the University, proudly representing its values and mission.”

The 57th annual President’s Society Induction Ceremony was held in the D’Angelo Center Ballroom on the Queens, NY, campus and included farewells to 24 graduating members and individual acknowledgement of incoming members by Fr. Shanley.

In his opening remarks, Fr. Shanley thanked the outgoing members, mentioning their grace, dignity, and generosity in representing the University. He also described the rigorous process members go through to earn admission, and the outstanding background of each newly inducted student.

“The incoming members have made the cut out of an impressive and difficult sort,” Fr. Shanley said. “My experience here is that the President’s Society embodies the best and the brightest of the future of St. John’s and your work is critical to the health of the University.”

Following Fr. Shanley, Nunziatina A. Manuli ’97MBA, Vice President, Chief of Staff, and University Secretary, Office of the President, and Coordinator, President’s Society, emphasized the honor of being selected and the impressive background of the incoming members.

“The students who serve in the President’s Society are a living example of our University’s mission,” Ms. Manuli said. “Through their dedication to academic excellence, leadership, and our community, each member embodies the essence of our commitment to shaping empowered leaders and engaged citizens.”

Angelica Kusnowo, a senior Finance student at The Peter J. Tobin College of Business, represented outgoing members. Angelica, a member of the Red Storm Women’s Golf team, said that following graduation, she will move to Washington, DC, to begin work as a consultant for Deep Water Point & Associates, a federal management consulting and advisory firm.

Angelica recalled her experiences as a member, giving special mention to each student in her cohort and recounting how each impacted her experience in society and at the University.

“As I was writing my speech, I thought, ‘I am leaving this experience with 23 more friends than I had last year’,” Angelica said. “Throughout this year, I met many accomplished people, whether current students or alumni. The President’s Society has truly been a gift.”

Members of the President’s Society are recognized for their contributions to the academic, cocurricular, and extracurricular life of the University. Incoming members described their excitement for the upcoming year and the events they will attend as ambassadors to the President.

Lauren, a junior majoring in Communication Arts and minoring in Hospitality Management at The Lesley H. and William L. Collins College of Professional Studies, is a Resident Assistant in Hollis Hall, a Career Peer, a student associate in the Office of Alumni Relations, and a member of Delta Phi Epsilon sorority. She said her selection to the society humbled her.

Daniel Sanchez, a junior Interdisciplinary Business student at Tobin, said he was interested in the President’s Society since attending the New Student Convocation during his first year. He is the incoming Vice President of Student Government, Inc. and President of the Student Ambassador program.

“I know this is going to be such a rewarding experience,” he said. “I am so excited to meet new people. As I enter my senior year, my goal is to enjoy everything, take it all in, and make the most out of this incredible honor.”