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Manifesting Your Dreams

How I manifest my dreams as a certified Strengths Coach and Associate Dean of Student Success and Engagement at St. John’s University.

Dr. Sharod L. Tomlinson’21Ed.D.
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The Power of Peer Mentorship: a Guide for College Students

The first year of college can be both exciting and challenging. It can take time to adjust to the new environment, meet new people, and navigate academic expectations.

That’s where mentor programs come in. Having a mentor can significantly impact your experience and provide plenty of long-term benefits beyond your college years. 

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Toni Critelli
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Restoring Generational Wealth through Education and Empowerment

For St. John’s University alumna Ebony (Rentas) Beckford ’03CPS, founder of Fin Lit Kids, self-reflection and finding a community through her darkest days as a student helped her to ultimately achieve the success she enjoys today.

St. John's University Crest
Toni Critelli
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Neuroscience Master’s Curriculum: What to Expect

Neuroscience is the science behind human thought, emotions and behaviors and involves  studying the physical aspects of the brain and central nervous system. Obtaining a master’s in neuroscience can prepare you  to eventually go on to earn your Ph.D., but a master’s in neuroscience can also prepare you for careers in research – such as university programs, pharmaceutical companies, or the government – just to name a few. What does it look like to get your master’s in neuroscience? What are the types of courses you’ll take along the way? Let’s explore the curriculum for earning   a master’s in neuroscience.