Ariana infront of mural at Welling Court

Welling Court Mural Project

Art is abundant in museums across New York City. Luckily for us, some of the best contemporary art is found just a few miles away from our Queens, NY, campus—on the streets of Astoria, Queens.

In 2009, the residents of Welling Court grew tired of their dull and uninspiring neighborhood, so they enlisted the help of the Ad Hoc Art Gallery to bring the streets to life. This initiative became known as the Welling Court Mural Project, which officially launched in May of 2010 with 40 murals, and now features more than 150 murals from 140 artists around the world. 

We took a trip to Welling Court to explore the area—and on a scale of 1 to 10, Welling Court scores a 10 on our list for most “Instagrammable” places near St. John’s!

If you are interested in seeing these art pieces for yourself, take the N or W subway line to the Astoria Ditmars Boulevard stop. Then, take a short walk to 30th Avenue and 12th Street.

For more, follow @Wellingcourmuralproject on Instagram.

Brings the Streets of Astoria to Life

Welling Court Mural Project

30th Ave & 12th St, Astoria, NY 11102

Welling Court Mural Project location