Financial Support

A limited number of Doctoral Fellowship awards are offered to incoming students in the Doctoral Program in Clinical Psychology at the time of admission.  Doctoral fellows receive full tuition remission for the academic year (Fall and Spring semesters) and a stipend currently set at $16,000 (2014-2015 academic year). 

Doctoral fellows are assigned as research assistants to faculty members for a maximum of 20 hours per week during the academic year.  Fellowship awards are extended through at least a second year of study, depending on satisfactory academic and work performance.  Depending on funding availability, fellowship awards may be extended on a half-time basis through a third year of study.  There may also be additional sources of support available for advanced students, including teaching fellowships, grant-supported research, and work in other units of the university.  In addition, some incoming students at the time of admission receive a University Doctoral Fellowship award for their first year of study, which offers the same level of support and carries the same work responsibilities as the Doctoral Fellowship award, but provides an additional 6 credits of tuition remission in the summer following the first year of study. The University Doctoral Fellowship award converts to a Doctoral Fellowship award in the second year of study. 

There are also a limited number of additional summer fellowship awards that provide upwards of six credits of tuition remission and a small stipend for continued work as a research assistant during the summer months.

Additional information concerning other types of financial aid and scholarship awards is contained in the Graduate Bulletin.


Additional Information