Sport Management Student Excels in eSports Competition

March 22, 2021

Victor J. Jeronimo, a third-year Sport Management major, was awarded both the “Player of the Week” and the “Rookie of the Week” awards by the Eastern College Athletic Conference (ECAC) in FIFA 21 for PlayStation®.

“We are very proud of Victor,” said David P. Hedlund, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Graduate Program Director, and Chairperson, Division of Sport Management, The Lesley H. and William L. Collins College of Professional Studies. “The College is excited to provide various opportunities and resources for students to participate in engaging eSports activities. We offer a new Gaming Development and Emerging Technology major and have established a Gaming and Emerging Technology Co-Curricular Club. Our existing student-created and developed Scarlet Tempest Esports brand continues to thrive. We are excited to support all of these student opportunities, and are so pleased with the success that Victor has achieved.”  

Twenty-nine students from universities across the eastern US are competing in the ECAC’s FIFA21 on PlayStation. Currently, Victor is near the top of the standings at 4–1 overall. All competitors are eligible for both awards every week; what makes his accomplishment even more notable is that he won both.

During the first week of ECAC Esports FIFA 21 competitions, Victor notched 5–0 and 5–1 victories (+9 goal differential) to win the match, and then in week two, he came out on top, 7–3 and 5–3 (+15 aggregate goal differential). Both opponents were tough, and it took Victor time to adjust to their respective play styles. However, he eventually was able to adapt, take advantage of his opportunities, and come out on top in both weeks.

There were several highlights for both players, but one of Victor's favorites was a goal he scored with Di Maria in the 7–3 victory. He received the ball on the edge of the box, did a rainbow with the ball over the last defender, and then volleyed it past the goalkeeper. Victor noted that his opponent was a good defender, so he was proud that he was able to accomplish this feat.

“I am honored to have this opportunity and would like to thank Dr. Hedlund for making it possible,” Victor said. “I have been a soccer fan my entire life, and have always enjoyed playing FIFA. If I remember correctly, my first-ever FIFA was FIFA 2002. I have always just played for fun, so I try to keep that same mentality even when I’m playing FUT Champions (FIFA’s competitive game mode) and when I compete for St. John’s. My style of play is very free-flowing and includes skilled moves.”