Summer Internship Introduces Student to the Professional Workplace

Abul Sofwan headshot
September 8, 2023

When Computer Science major Abul Boyan Mohammed Sofwan embarked on a 13-week internship this summer focusing on software development at Cotton Cuts, LLC, a global fabric distributor, it was his initial exposure to being an integral part of a workplace environment.

“This was my first internship,” he said. “I experienced how it feels to work in a professional setting with a team full of people with varied skillsets who come from different backgrounds. I learned more about teamwork and how to collaborate with all types of people—which was the biggest takeaway for me.” 

Abul, an international student from Bangladesh, is expected to graduate in May 2024 with a Bachelor of Science degree from The Lesley H. and William L. Collins College of Professional Studies, located on St. John’s University’s Queens, NY, campus. He plans to pursue a career as a software developer/engineer.

“This internship helped me grow and it prepared me for the upcoming issues I may face when I work full time,” he said. “It helped me get a taste of what a professional setting for a software developer looks like.”

Headquartered in Chesterfield, MO, Cotton Cuts is a globally accessible textile manufacturing firm that specializes in online distributors of hand-selected, pre-cut, quilting fabric. Working remotely from New York City, Abul was responsible for building their new website. 

“I completed building the launch-ready version of the website by August 18—the end date of my internship,” he said.

The company offered him a second internship that begins in the spring. He will assist as they plan to further expand on their current version of the website and add more features. 

Abul is pleased that his internship has expanded his entry into the professional realm. He is also quick to credit his ability to flourish at St. John’s, in part, to his being an international student who was drawn to the rich diversity of the University community.

“St. John’s is one of the most diverse universities in New York with a very good academic reputation,” he said. “So, as an international, first-year student who was going to travel all the way to what was, for me at the time, an unknown country, St. John’s seemed like one of my best options.” 

“St. John’s has a laser focus on inclusivity,” Abul added. “Hence, everyone at the University tries to include people who come from different cultural, economic, and ethnic backgrounds in every aspect of the college experience. Choosing St. John’s is the best decision I ever made—not only because of its diverse community, but also because of the extremely helpful administrators and staff.”