Robert A. Ruescher

Professor of Legal WritingDirector, LL.M. in U.S. Legal Studies Program
J.D. Columbia University School of Law (Harlan Fiske Stone Scholar)B.A. Columbia College

Professor Ruescher is a Professor of Legal Writing and Director of the law school's LL.M. in U.S. Legal Studies Program. He currently teaches Applied Legal Analysis, Civil Prodedure, Introduction to Law, and U.S. Legal Analysis and Writing for foreign trained lawyers. Before joining the law faculty in 2001, Professor Ruescher taught first-year writing, introductory research, and various upper-class writing courses at New York Law School. He also helped develop and administer that school's Writing Program courses and served as Assistant Director of the Program in 1999-2000. In addition, he has practiced banking, corporate, and securities law at several law firms, principally Moses & Singer in Manhattan.

Professor Ruescher presently serves as faculty advisor to the St. John's Law Review and Director of the law school's U.S. Legal Studies Program.  He has received numerous awards for excellence in teaching, most recently for First-Year Professor of the Year (2012-2013) and Professor of the Year (2013-2014).  He is a co-author of The Lawyer's Craft (Anderson Publishing Co. 2001), a first-year legal writing text.

The Lawyer's Craft: an Introduction to Legal Analyss, Writing, Research and Advocacy (co-author) (Anderson Publishing Co. 2002).

"Saving Title VII: Using Intent to Distinguish Harassment from Expression," 23 The Review of Litigation 349 (2004).